Top 10 TV Shows (5 Currently Airing, 5 Completed Series)

These are my personal favourite TV shows. While there are still so many I have not seen, these are my favourite of the ones I have.

Top 5 Still Airing Series:

  1. Rick and Morty – This is a show that I could watch anywhere, anytime. I was a massive fan of Community mainly because it’s humour and whacky storylines and I think that Rick and Morty has taken that to the max. It’s rare that I would give a show 10/10, but Rick and Morty is one of those shows. There isn’t a bad episode.
  2. The Flash – I say this nearly every week in my reviews, The Flash is one of my favourite shows. Going into the show I didn’t know too much about The Flash other than he could run fast, but now after seeing the shows, I am all about The Flash because firstly he is a great character that you can see so much with, plus the show itself is done so well.
  3. Star Wars: Rebels – I am a massive Star Wars fan. By far it is my favourite franchise of all time. However, I don’t love all the movies. I grew up in a time where the prequels were my Star Wars, and because of that, connecting to the original trilogy was always hard as a kid. Star Wars: Rebels helps me connect to them, especially A New Hope. Empire and Jedi have grown on my over the years, however, A New Hope has not, until Rebels. I love Clone Wars, which I will mention later, and Rebels in a great sequel series for that and add so much background information into the original trilogy which lets me connect to it better.
  4. Orphan Black – This is a show that blew me away from season 1. While I’ll admit, I got a bit lost in bits and pieces over the first 4 seasons, it didn’t take me out enough to direct from the show. There are so many twists and turns that always keeps me invested. At this point, they are 3 episodes into their final season and I can’t wait to see how it ends.
  5. Jessica Jones – Despite only being 1 season in, I am fully onboard with this show. While it has a massive tie into the greater MCU and Netflix Marvel shows, the show itself is one of the most well made and intriguing shows I have seen. I usually binge shows pretty quick, but this show was the first time in a long time that I did the whole season in 24 hours. A lot of credit to David Tennant so I’m interested to see what season 2 can throw up to us.


Top 5 Completed Series:

  1. Seinfeld – I could watch this show everyday if I could. This is probably my favourite show of all time because every time I see it on TV, I have to sit down to watch it. When it comes to Friends vs Seinfeld, I grew up on Seinfeld and because of that I am always going to hold it up there as one of my favourite shows of all time.
  2. Community – Similarly to Seinfeld and now Rick and Morty, this show has some of the best and most interesting storylines of a comedy TV show. This was the first show that pushed that boundary of intriguing story in a comedy and it’s a show I often feel like putting on the TV just because I can.
  3. Star Wars: Clone Wars – As mentioned before, I love Clone Wars. For a Star Wars fan who already loved the prequels, I have lost count how many times I have seen this show. Clone War gives so much backstory to not only characters in the Star War universe, but concepts and events of the prequels.
  4. How I Met Your Mother – This show got me at that age that many people would of got Friends. While I know they have a lot of overlap in the show itself, I find that this humour has held up so much better than what Friends has. On top of that, Friends is always going to have that chip on it’s shoulder because Seinfeld was always my favourite late 90s comedy.
  5. Freaks and Geeks – One of these shows where all you do is question how this didn’t get a second season. I saw this show much later on then when it originally airs, but the comedy still holds up completely. Plus it is always great to see this cast that we now know as some of the biggest comedy stars.


Honourable Mentions:

  • Game of Thrones – This is a show that when it is airing, I love it, but my interest of it drops off as soon as it is done for the season. Season 6 isn’t too far away however I’m finding that my excitement level isn’t as high as some other shows coming back in the next few months.
  • Mr Robot – The second season of Mr Robot was a big let down for me. While I still really enjoyed it, it simply didn’t hold a light to the amazement that was season 1. If it produces a massive season 3, I can see this show being one of my favourite of all time, but for the moment, it just misses that ship.
  • Vikings – What I am going to say is something I don’t hear too much, but I prefer Vikings over Game of Thrones. I feel that I am so much more invested into the story and characters than I am during Game of Thrones. If I did a top 6 list, it would be on there.
  • Dexter – Similar to Mr Robot, Dexter had a massive flat spot, only it didn’t recover. While I still really enjoyed the last few season, the first 4 season of Dexter is some of the best TV I have ever seen.
  • Friends – I have mentioned Friends a lot as reference for other shows, but despite that, I can’t take away much from Friends. While it’s not up there, this is still a great show that I still watch every now and then.
  • Breaking Bad – I have just finished watching Breaking Bad for the first time, and this is one of those situations where it was expectations vs reality. While I still really enjoyed the show because it is terrifically well written and well acted, I felt as though throughout the whole show I was waiting for that big episode that said to me ‘this is one of the best shows ever created’.

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