Wonder Woman Review

From 3 movies from the DCEU, not one is yet to hit with me. With that I was very hopefully of what Wonder Woman could offer us. I thought while Gal Gadot wasn’t a massive stand out in Batman v Superman, there was still something about her that made me feel as though she was suited for the role of Diana.

I’ll start by saying I really enjoyed this movie. I’m not too knowledgable about Wonder Woman as I am to some of the other character, so I was really interested to see how they would explain her back story and I thought they did a really good job at it. I really liked how they took the angle of explain the story behind the picture we saw in BvS. While it was a nice tie in, it also in retrospect reflects better on that moment in BvS. I always thought that BvS was a movie that while there was lots I didn’t like about it, there would be parts that I liked more once other films had been released, and this was shown throughout Wonder Woman.

I thought the cast was fantastic in the whole film. For me the stand out was Chris Pine. While he wasn’t the main part of the film, I felt that a lot of his character and his actions was what dictated to where the film was going and I thought he handled the role perfectly. As I mentioned, I didn’t think Gal Gadot was a stand out in BvS but I think she did a strong job this time around. I think a lot of the credit should be given to the writing and the directing from Patty Jenkins because they wrote her in a way that was suited to Gadot. I think they really nailed the naivety aspect of her coming into the man’s world, similar to what Guardians did with Drax. From that stemmed a lot of humour while building the background of her character.

While on the topic of humour, I thought they nailed the it. I was a little worried about how it would be handled because I hate seeing when modern day humour and jokes are put into time period movies. However this was not the case in Wonder Woman as I think much of the humour stemmed from situations and, as I mentioned before, Diana’s naivety as a character.

Wonder Woman is not going to let you down in the action department. This was perhaps my favourite aspect of the whole film. Something Gadot does well is nail the action and while I get that it isn’t always going to be her, she was able to nail the action set pieces that you can tell it is her. On top of that, I think the way they have created Wonder Woman’s fighting style is very unique and good to watch. I was really cool seeing her go through her training in the beginning then implement similar moves later in other action scenes.

There was however a couple of negatives I personally had with the film. The first was Ares. While I thought they did a terrific job at setting up the fear of Ares without him being very present in the film, I think overall he was very under-utilised. The main reason of this was because of something Warner Bros did before the film and that was announce who was playing Ares. Without giving away any spoilers for who it is if you don’t know already, it made it hard to get invested into Diana’s main goal of killing Ares because in the film, Ares’ identity is a mystery. Because of this, there were times she was pursuing someone who I knew wasn’t Ares, which made those sequences feel pointless. However, if you go into the film without knowing who was cast as Ares, then I think it did a really good job at revealing who it was.

The second negative I had was something to do with the ending, which again without spoilers is hard to dive into. However there is a certain action that was taken by a certain character that mimics the actions of another character in another World War set comic book film. While as far as story, it made sense, I just felt that the writers could of been a bit self aware and considered the comparison the film was already going to have to this other film and if this action was going to come off too similar. For me it did and because of that, the impact didn’t hit as well.

Overall, despite a few negative I really enjoyed this film. While the bar hasn’t been set very high by the other DC properties, I applaud everyone involve in making a film that is going to be tough to beat as the DCEU’s top film.



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