The Sims 4: What Worked, What Didn’t – Part 2: Buy Mode

There is all but one aspect of The Sims I find I don’t do too well at, this is furnishing rooms. With The Sims 4 this has completely changed. With the introduction to prebuilt rooms, I’ve become more inspired than ever. Assuming inspired mean stealing items and looks straight out of this IKEA like room catalogue. For people like me who struggle a bit in deciding what should be in each room and where everything should go, these prebuilt rooms allows you to draw ideas on what should be included in a bedroom or the perfect colour pallet for a dining room.


Something I really love in The Sims 4, that is also in The Sims 3 but has since been tweaked, is the ability to more wall item, such as paintings and lights anywhere on the wall you want. This feature has been made much easier to using compared to The Sims 3 version of this. What they have also done is extend this free movement of height to the windows. As I mentioned before, you are able to place different sized windows onto different sized walls, and like wall placements, windows can be placed at any height you wish. This means you can place the window as height as the ceiling reaches or as low as the floor touches.

There is however a couple of negatives as far as the buy mode goes. The first is the Create-a-Style and the easiest way the explain it in The Sims 4 is the same way you describe the open world concept in The Sims 4, quite simply, they don’t exist. The exclusion the CAS could have been justified with a large selection and variety of texture for each furniture item, they instead did the opposite and created a very limited variety in textures. While there is a large selection of colours available for most items, changing colours because they didn’t have any I liked was not my many reason for using CAS in The Sims 3. The main reason I constantly used CAS was to change the styles of the furniture. Through CAS you would be able to make a bed, side table and chest of draw all appear as they were from the same style by making them all use the same physical wood. Or you could modify chairs to make them physically resemble the materials in a dinning table. CAS allowed players to using different styles of furniture together as a whole without making them feel out of place and with the limited furniture and texture range present in The Sims 4, you often feel that not all the furniture in a room may not flow as well as it could.


One of the biggest things I love to play around with in The Sims is the cars. But there is a big problem with them in this iteration of the game. Cars don’t exist in The Sims 4. The original Sims series was the only series that did not feature cars. Even The Sims 2, which was full of rabbit holes and loading screens much like The Sims 4 had cars. We can only wonder, why was even considered on the list of “Things we are removing from The Sims games”, let alone actually make the cut. How does a game go from having a whole expansion pack dedicated to cars that introduced the ability to being able to have a relationship with your car, and end up with scrapping the whole concept of cars?

Part 1: Live Mode
Part 3: Build Mode


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