The Sims 4: What Worked, What Didn’t – Part 1: Live Mode

The live mode is for many people the core of what makes The Sims enjoyable. Whether it is building a family or drowning them in the pool, the possibilities are endless with what you can do in the Sims live mode. This was perhaps the best aspect of The Sims 4 and it helped take an extremely big leap forward for The Sims franchise. Whilst The Sims 3 did live mode great, The Sims 4 provides a more realistic gameplay in so many aspects such as careers, emotions and interactions.


One of the biggest goals to achieve in The Sims, and indeed your real life, is to reach the top level in your career. In the past games, reaching level 10 was a walk in the park because the requirements of getting a promotion usually involved getting a skill up to a decent level and sending your sim to work happy. This changed in The Sims 4. While having high skill levels and happy sims is a key to promotions, they added a new level of requirements where you have to complete specific activities in order to get a promotion. While most of the time these activities are quite simple like completing a painting or cooking a certain type of meal, it just adds an extra layer of investment and work that you need to do to further your sims in their careers.


Emotions was one of the live aspects that were really worked on in The Sims 4. Emotions become the foundations in which the actions you can take is evolved from. Playing around with emotions of both your sims and other sims put in a new layer into the live mode. Lets face it, doing an angry poo is more enjoyable than any normal poo we had in The Sims 3.


The interactions between each sim has stepped up to a new level in The Sims 4. One of my favourite improvements is the multi task ability. This feature now allows my sims to talk to more than one sim at a time. One of the first things I did to experience this feature was I sent my sim to a bar and sat them down at the counter. Within seconds my sims was having a conversation with the bartender and 2 other drinkers at the counter. Through this action I was able to build relationship with these people quicker as a unit compared to having to try and forge a connect with each sim separately. If your a person who enjoys throwing many sim parties, this feature will by far be your favourite as it makes it easier for your sim the mingle to more than just that one rich person you want to marry then kill off for all their money.


However, not all of the live mode in The Sims 4 is all good and positive. There is one major exclusion and that is the removal of open world. The open world concept we as fans loved about The Sims 3 was left behind. The Sims 4 has resorted back the The Sims 2 loading screen features. Whilst having a loading screen feature is not that much of the negative, it becomes a major negative due to the fact that we have experienced The Sims 3 and have loved playing in an open world environment. There was nothing better than having one sim at home watching TV, whilst another is at the gym, whilst another is playing chess in the park. While this can still happen in The Sims 4, it becomes more of a tedious task to manage multiple sims at multiple locations at once. The lack of open world is my number one criticism of this game. They have taken away an aspect that defined The Sims 3 and made it one of my favourite all time games and for that I am extremely disappointed.

Part 2: Buy Mode
Part 3: Build Mode


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