The Flash – S03E23 Finish Line

We are finally here. The big ending. I have very much enjoyed this season of Flash and this episode was prepped to be a great finale, and it was.

I’ll start by saying how this finale went down was fairly predictable. I think many of use assumed three things would happen, that being HR was Iris, Iris doesn’t die, and Barry ends up in the speedforce. So as far as twists and turns, this finale didn’t throw up too much, but I didn’t think it needed to.

What I really loved about this episode was the humanisation of Savitar. We have got bits and pieces of it before, but this was really the first episode that I felt that our Barry could be this Savitar. I’m not sure if it helps because I have just come off finally playing the first Injustice, but I think Savitar’s arc of being a destroyed Barry worked really well and it really showed this episode.

While there isn’t too much to say on the bulk of the episode because it was mainly action sequences, I’ll just run through a few things I really enjoyed this episode. Getting Jay and Gypse back was great, especially seeing them fold into the team nicely. The return of Earth 2 Wells was a nice thing to have because I suspect he is going to be around a bit longer. And finally, Iris killing Savitar. I know I have seen a few people have this as a negative, but for me it is a massive positive. There is something poetic that Iris was the key to all this and in the end, she was the one to end Savitar.

Now on to the bit I am going to take mostly out of this finale, what is going to happen for season 4. I think we got a few good hints as to where they are going to take this season, and they have me extremely excited. Firstly, I don’t know anything about Devoe except that he is not a speedster, which is something I, like many people have been looking forward to. Secondly, Wally as the Flash will be great. We saw a glimpse of it in Flashpoint but I think that we aren’t going to get Barry back til at least after the crossover so it is going to be great seeing more of Wally as The Flash. Which leads me into Barry being trapped in the speedforce. I don’t think anyone is thinking he will be gone forever. From a comic book angle, it makes sense, but for a TV show that has now grown an audience that is in love with Grant Gustin, I don’t see them ever writing him off the show unless it is necessary for off-screen reasons. And finale, Killer Frost is no longer Caitlin which really excites me. I have always really liked Caitlin as a character but I’ve like Killer Frost more, so it is going to be cool seeing more of a blend between them and Killer Frost being a form of anti-hero at the start of the season.

Overall, I though this was a very fitting conclusion to this season. I find with Flash, the thing I am talking about after the finale is the teases for next season, and this finale was very much in that vein. I’m really excited to start getting stuck into trailers and panels promoting season 4 because they have set some hints that have great potential.


Average Episode Rating: 9/10 – I thought this season was fantastic. I think whether the Savitar dragged out reveal work for you or not really plays a factor into your overall feel for this season. I though this season really utilised all the characters and I don’t think it missed many beats. Only slight negative was some confusion over how Savitar is possible, but I think it was pieced together good enough that I can give it a passing grade. This season places ahead of season 2 for me, but I don’t think it hits the heights of season 1.


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