Supergirl – S02E22 Nevertheless, She Persists

There is no denying that for me, this season of Supergirl has had it’s fair share of ups and down, mainly the ups in the first half of the season and the downs in the second half. However after what was a fairly solid episode last week, I had hope that they could pull off a strong finale and save some of what the second half produced.

Firstly I’ll start with Superman. When I first saw that he was brainwashed, I was a little disappointed. The end of last season we had the same thing happen and it ruled Superman out of action, and I was worried it was going to do a similar thing again this episode. Thankfully it was just the opening 5 minutes and we got the Superman we loved in the opening few episodes of the season. This was of course after a big fight between the cousins, which I am very undecided about. On one had, it was great to watch these two character go at it, but on the other hand, the show hasn’t done a great job at convincing me that Kara could actually better Superman. This was barely 2 years of superhero experience against what I can assume is over 10-15 years experience. Regardless of strength, Kara shouldn’t of been able to match Superman let alone beat him. I will also add that I really hope we do get Zodd at some point in the future because after the hype I saw leading up to him, it was a bit of a cope out. Despite the opening however, I thought Superman was again great and I do really look do really look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Something small I really liked about this episode was some consistency in Kara’s character. When she first agreed for Lena to create the Lead machine, I was a bit annoyed because only last week she had an opportunity to wipe out the Daxamites but didn’t take it because of Mon-El and Lena, but this week she did. However it did flip on me and I like how they addressed the Kara wanted to have it as a last resort. It is the sort of consistencies that go over episodes week to week that I didn’t feel were present so much in the second half of the season and because of that really harmed Kara as a character.

Similar to last week, I have to mention the action in this episode. I thought it was choreographed and shot fantastically. We had a lot of close fighting scene that looked great but I thought there were a few Avengers style pan shots of action that really took the cake for me. One thing these shows never let down on is the action and it was on point again for the finale.

Over the last two episode we have gotten a fair few characters coming back across all three shows and this episode followed that tradition. As well as the inclusion of Superman, we got Miss Martian back, but this time with all her White Martian friends. This again is a bit of a love/hate moment for me because while it was cool seeing some Martians in action as well as getting the return of Megan, who is someone I really enjoyed from the first half of the season, I still thought it felt a little out of place. If they had a bigger impact on then maybe I would of thought their inclusion was a bit better, however it came off like they were there just because they could be.

Now to take about Mon-El for a bit. I’ll start by saying I though his final moments on Earth were fantastic. It was written wonderfully and performed even better by Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist. I also thought they did a really great job as painting him as a hero this episode, which is something we have been waiting for throughout his arc over this season. Mon-El is a character I thought, while he had the most character development out of all the character, he still felt a little wasted. In the end, his biggest impact was he was the reason for the big bad to be present and he taught Kara that there is no point in loving anyone. I really enjoyed Mon-El as a character but I felt he was very limited in what he could do, so I’m excited to know he isn’t gone forever. When they first said he had to leave Earth, my logic brain said bring him to Earth 1, so I liked that they left that as a possibility for next season. My hope is he links up with the Legends some how and that way we get to still see him on a weekly basic while he can still has some crossover with Kara in the big crossovers.

Overall, with expectations set by the second half of this season, this finale was pretty strong. While I don’t think it quite topped the mid-season finale, it still rounded out this entire season nicely while setting up some good hints for season 3.


Average Episode Rating: 7.6/10 – In the end, the first part of this season set a really high bench mark for this show, in which the second half failed to get close to. If we get more like the first half next season, we could be in for something special. Unfortunately though, this season scraps in lower than season 1 for me.


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