The Flash – S03E22 Infantino Street

The Flash has started to heat up heading into it’s last couple of episodes. This was an episode that was very much 2 halves for me. In many ways it felt like they wanted to do 2 story lines but they didn’t have the time so it was shoved into 1 episode.

Firstly, I really enjoyed everything with Captain Cold and ARGUS. Miller’s Cold has been one of my favourite characters in this universe and I really love ARGUS and Lila has a presence in Arrow. Throw in Killer Shark, some Dominator’s tech and some cool easter eggs, and this had the ingredients to be a really fun episode. And this part of this episode was really fun. It was great seeing Barry and Snart’s chemistry play out because they click so well together on screen. However there are 2 smaller bugs I had with this part of the episode. Firstly, this should of been a whole episode of them planning and executing the plan and it should of happened a little earlier in the season. Them trapping Savitar in the speed force has nothing to do with his identity reveal so this plan could have easily happened prior to the late reveal. Secondly, I didn’t really like how they were simply given the tech at the end. We know Lila is a strong standing person so it was a bit odd that she simply handed it over. I think there could of been a better way where Lila let them leave with it and acted like she didn’t know who it was rather than stopping them from escaping just to give it to them anyway.

The second side of the episode was the build up to Iris’ death as well as the death itself. This part of the episode was pretty much perfect for me. I loved all but one thing about it, which I will mention later. I thought we got some terrific character moments with HR being mad at himself for revealing where Iris is, and a fantastic father/daughter scene with Joe and Iris coupled with some of Jesse L Martin’s singing.

Onto the death itself, like many people I don’t think Iris is gone. I’m sure there will be some explanation as to how they can bring her back and I’ll probably be fine with it. However, I never thought we were actually going to get to the death scene. I thought that they were going to find a way to stop Savitar from killing her, instead it played out identical to what we have seen over this season. And despite seeing this scene so many times, I loved what they did to make it different. The use of slow mo, and Iris video message overlaying made this time around so much more emotional then any other time we have see it as a flash forward. They have built to this moment for so long and when it finally came, they did not let us down at all.

Onto the thing I didn’t love, it bugged me a little that Cisco went to fight Killer Frost. I know this is another moment they have build up for so long, but I think it could have been held off for next week. We didn’t get to see the conclusion of what happens in that fight so it made it feel like they just needed a reason to remove Cisco from the Savitar situation. If they pay it off well next week then I might change my view on it, but for the moment I would of preferred that they had Cisco present because it feels like the most logical thing to do.

Overall I loved this episode. While it had a couple of bumps in the road where the writers might of fudged a few scenes to make the plot flow better, it still had so many amazing moments that stood out for me. I’m extremely interest to see where they are going to take us for the finale and how they are going to deal with the death of Iris.



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