Supergirl – S02E21 Resist

Last week in Supergirl we finally got some form of progression towards our end goal for this season. While with only 2 episodes left I thought they they were leaving the run a bit late, it was exciting to see this season actually going somewhere.

I’ll start by talking about the action in this episode. The CW superhero shows always have some really good action set pieces but I thought that this episode specifically was outstanding. The way it was shot and chorographed was really well done and it is by far a really great positive for this episode.

If I had to pick a stand out character from this episode, it would have to be Mon-El. From his opening scene I thought he had some really great written dialog that was performed outstandingly by Chris Wood.

Now for my biggest positive of the episode, this episode finally felt like it had stakes. It has been weeks since I have watched an episode of Supergirl where I have felt that what is happening matters, or that there is a real threat out there. This is the feeling I wanted the past 3 or 4 weeks, however it has taken then up until the second last episode to bring in stakes that are worthy for this point of the season.

I need to touch on Cadmus for a second because if it was up to me. They should of been the big bad of this season. Instead they disappeared into nothingness only to have a shoed in appearance in the last couple of episode. Cadmus had no reason to be there. I know they were used as a plot device to get onto the ship, but I saw no logical reason why it should be them apart from the Luthor connection. For me, Cadmus has been a really big wasted opportunity in the second half of the season because they were so well utilised in the first, and their appearance this episode didn’t help that.

I’m not normally one to get into the politics of these shows, but there was something that really got on my nerves this episode. I do not live in America however I know of the common fear many countries have of people from other countries coming into theirs and applying their sense of living. I thought that earlier in the season they rode a nice line of acceptance through the use of alien immigration. However I feel as though this episode undid a lot of that. This episode we had a foreign life form invading and applying their laws on the city. With that, we then got a scene from Lillian Luthor (who in the start of the season was the bad person for her stand against immigration) saying I told you so. Like I said, I often ignore political stances in shows like this however I found it very contradicting that they took such a positive stance earlier in the season, for it to be completely reversed at the end.

Cat Grant was one of my favourite character in season one because she was that older, wiser character that this younger cast need to bounce off. With her leaving, I have at times missed her and knowing she was coming back in these last couple of episode really excited me. While I really enjoyed everything she did this episode, I can’t stop but feel as though she felt shoed into this episode similar to Cadmus. I did not see a real reason as to why she should of been there. If she came with the president, then why didn’t she leave with the president? On top of that, her story as to why she was with the president to begin with didn’t really work for me. At the end of the day, while I really enjoyed having Cat Grant back, I felt as though they could have reintroduced her a better way.

A pet peeve I have had during the second half of this season has been Kara. I have felt that in many occasions, her ego and naivety of certain situations have gotten the better of her character, and this was the situation again at the end of this episode. I felt like screaming at the screen when she said she was staying. She achieved her goal of saving everyone, why risk the city because she believes she has a better way? This is one of those times when they have written Kara as a character who sat a little to high on her high horse and didn’t take into consideration everything else that was going on.

Overall, while I had my fair share of negative to say, I know most of it will wash over and this episode will stand out as one of the better ones in recent times. While it wasn’t perfect, it did enough for me to make me excited for the finale. Of course the inclusion of Superman in the dying moments sparked that excitement a little bigger, but I think the episode itself was still fairly solid.




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