The Flash – S03E21 Cause and Effect

This episode of The Flash was a hard one to judge, similar to Arrow’s episode a couple of weeks ago with Helix and ARGUS. The episode itself I enjoyed, however it’s overall placement in the season seemed a little off.

Firstly, I’ll start with the Savitar explanation. I was all for the reveal last week and I really liked how they did drag it out throughout the season. However, I was very interested how they explained Savitar. While I think I have a clear chain of events on how Barry became Savitar, I’m a little unsure if the chain of events I interpreted are the same chain of events the show was saying happened. This is an overall problem with shows like this where they are dealing with confusing concepts. However, I was happy with the explanation and while I did have to watch it a few times and draw a mental timeline in my head, I thought the overall explanation was pretty good.

Then jumping into the core of what this episode was, this is where I had a few problems. This is where I had a bit of a problem with Savitar’s reveal being dragged out so long. They couldn’t play out this memory storyline until it was revealed that Savitar was Barry, but because the reveal came so late, I’m not sure whether doing this at all and in the end not getting a positive result from it was the best option. We have 2 episodes left so I want them to be heading full steam ahead instead of having some filler like this episode.

However, taking away the context of where this episode is in the season, this memory plot device gave some really good character moments, especially from the supporting cast. I really enjoyed the Iris angle they took with her seeing the happy side of Barry that she hasn’t seen in such a long time and wondering whether or not it is worth bringing back all these bad memories. That then followed on when Barry did get his memories back and his little speech on how all his dark memories have some form of good memory to make up for it and that is what makes him Barry.

I also really liked what they did with the Killer Frost and Cisco friendship. We haven’t had much direct interaction between the two since Caitlyn turned, it was really nice to see them having an interaction despite Caitlyn being Killer Frost. I thought the use of Cisco telling the story was really well done because it turned into a great character moment for Killer Frost because it showed that she is still our Caitlyn.

Touching on the HR and Tracey relationship. Personally, this is something I don’t care too much about, however Flash often does these smaller relationships in the background of what is happening and us as the viewer get to see them grow without it being forced in our face all episode. A similar thing happened with the Wally and Jesse relationship and now they are one of my favourite pairing on the show.

Overall, while I thought this episode would of worked a lot better around the 18-19 mark of the season, I still was able to have fun with it and I really enjoyed some of the big character moments they had. This episode kept that one foot in the Savitar storyline which gave it a bit of relevancy however it wasn’t enough to completely save it’s misplacement in the season.



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