Supergirl – S02E20 City of Lost Children

This interview is going to be short and sweet because my enjoyment of this show at the moment is short but defiantly not sweet. Is this called Supergirl or the Guardian Chronicles, or Mon-el Family Dramas. This show makes me sad because this season started on such a high but now it has equated to nothing more than a borefest. People give seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow flack for what they produced, but at least in those seasons they had an end goal, you could see the direction the show was going, despite how it was executed, you could sum up want those seasons were about and who the big bad was.

We are 2 episodes away from the end and this is the first time I can identify who the big bad is for this season, and that moment came in the dying minutes of this episode. I think the Mon-el family drama story had potential to be something for this season, but if it was, they would of had to establish that they were the big bad mid season, not 3 episodes from the end. At this point, I feel that Rhea and her whole story line of wanting Mon-el back has be rushed in front of use before our eyes and has be made as the make-shift big bad for this season. My question is what is Cadmas doing. This season started on fire when Cadmas was the big bad, however they have seemed to drop completely off the radar as if they never existed.

Touching on James and everything with Guardian, this is a tough one because I think this was a nice story arc they laid out for James, but not at this point of the season. Firstly, my care for Guardian dropped off real quick so it has been a long time since I have cared about this part of the show. Secondly, if they wanted to nail this Guardian arc, they should of had it when James first became Guardian. At this point it feels like Guardian has been around forever and to be having what should be a character defining moment so late in the season just didn’t work.

Overall, this episode did very little towards trying to save this season for me. The slide in this show’s enjoyment is steepening and steepening. I don’t care about the big bad, and the big bad I did care about at the start of this season is no where to be found. If this episode had come out after a few solid episode, my rating for it would be a lot nicer, but at this point, my disappointment in this season is going to be reflected in the ratings.



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