Arrow – S05E21 Honor Thy Father

There has been a common problem across the 3 CW superhero shows in recent weeks and that is the placement of episodes. We are so close to the end yet I often feel like the episodes they are giving us should of been aired 4 or 5 weeks ago. They all seem to steadily getting to the end rather than full steam ahead. This episode changed that for me. While not a lot really happened, the stuff that did had an impact of the season that pumps us up for the last two episodes.

I’m going to start with the flashbacks. It has been a few weeks since we’ve had proper flashbacks present and while I did miss them, I never felt that they we detrimental to the overall season. However I am really glad to have them back. I really like what they did with them this episode. While not a lot happened, it really set up the last arc that will play out in the flash backs, which pumps me up to see what happens between the last point we saw and when Oliver is found on the island. I really enjoyed the Russia story line that played through this season so it’s great to see Dolph for one last time before the flash backs become something else next season.

I really loved the overall theme of fathers this episode because at the core, what both Oliver and Chase are doing is for their fathers.The way they tied it up at the end was something I really enjoyed because Chase realised that Oliver does what it does for his father. I liked how we jumped a bit further into who Robert Queen was because it builds a strong back story of where Oliver and Thea come from which is something that really interested me.

While one Thea, it was great to see her back again. As the seasons go on, her presence has become less and less in the show. I know most of that is because of behind the scenes things, but for me, Thea is a character I always like seeing around. I think this episode did a lot of Thea overall because we have seen her grow from being a school girl who lives with her rich parents, to a strong business woman who can handle big problems like facing the truth of who her parents actually were. In many ways, Thea is just as damaged as what Oliver is and I really like how they allow Thea to see that aspect to her.

As I mentioned, not a lot overall happened in this episode but it was still nice to get a few side plots playing out while the overarching arc of fathers took the lead. It’s nice to get a bit of progression into Rene’s story with his daughter, especially this episode because it followed the theme of fathers. Seeing Cody Rhodes back was fun. I think his is a character that will work will if they can keep around as a sort of mob boss that always seems to pop up at different points of the season.

Overall I loved this episode. I’m not sure if it is because we have come off two shows in Supergirl and Flash that are yet to hit their stride to the end, but either way, this episode for me has cemented that Arrow is back and is the leading show of the CW superhero shows for this season. We know that Chase is going to get out of ARGUS some way or another, so I’m interested to see where they are going to take the next couple of episodes. But for now I’m strapped in and ready for the ride home.



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