Arrow – S05E20 Underneath

In this episode of Arrow we had a very contained story that focused on Oliver and Felicity. No I am not talking about an episode from season 4. I wouldn’t of thought that only a few weeks from the end of the season, season 5 could do an episode like this and I would enjoy it as much as I did.

My pet hate with these 22/23 episode seasons is when they put a filler episode so close to the end. I get the need for filler episodes but for me, as soon as you hit that 17/18 mark, you should be squaring up for the end. In many ways I would consider this episode filler because in the overall plot, it didn’t add too much towards the Prometheus story. However, despite it being filler, I still really enjoyed this episode.

I am someone who was very much onboard with the Oliver and Felicity, or Olicity relationship when it first came about. I really liked their onscreen chemistry and for me I thought them getting together at some point felt like the natural chain of events. We of course know how it ended and I have to say, regardless of what you thought about their relationship in season 4 or what you thought about Felicity as a character during that season, this episode is very much closure to everything that happened. I thought their chemistry was strongly written in a way that you could see there is still a level of care between them and that they have a strong history. I thought Stephen Amell and Emily Rickards portrayed the required emotion needed and because of that, made this episode have an impact that is going to be felt for a while.

I really liked what they did with the flashbacks this episode. A personal question I always wonder is what happens between seasons. As we know, seasons take place real time so the character are use to having their lives go to hell in December and beating the bad guy in May. I liked how the flashbacks investigated what was happening after team Arrow dissembled after season 4. While it feed into Oliver and Felicity having a bit of a romance, which personally I thought worked naturally considering¬†their history and the closeness of their work, it was still cool to see that the writers had put some thought into filling that void that is left when the show isn’t on.

There was of course another main plot point in this episode, which is Diggle and Lyla. I thought the scenes with them were interesting enough to keep me entertained. For me, Diggle and Joe are very similar characters where as long as the dialog is good and they aren’t doing anything illogically stupid, then I am probably going to enjoy what they are doing onscreen.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. The only negative I really had was the placement of it, and for me that is a pretty big thing. I would of liked this episode to be Chase heavy considering how close we are to the end. I did like the button on the end of the episode with Chase and William because it shows that next episode is going to be another personal episode.



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