The Flash – S03E20 I Know Who You Are

This episode needs no introduction, I’m just going to jump right into it. At this point, Savitar could have been anybody and I wouldn’t be surprised because at some point during this season I’ve thought anyone could of been Savitar. Back when we were first introduced to Savitar, I predicted Future Barry based off the suit and what I had read in the N52. Over time I slowly started to think more and more that it was HR, however if it turned out to be Barry, I wouldn’t be surprised. And then it happen. Savitar is Future Barry. Usually I don’t like reveals like this going for so long, but in this case I do because up until this episode, I still wouldn’t put money on who I thought it was. They heavily hinted it this episode which I thought was a nice thing to do, but it wasn’t until Barry started having the flashbacks that I was definite.

I love that is it Barry and I especially like how it is a massive tie into the Reverse Flash posing the question of whose the villain now. I’m really interested to see the explanation next week on how Future Barry came to be Savitar, but for the moment I really liked how they played out the concept that Barry is up against himself. It has set up a really interesting dynamic for the last few episodes now that Barry knows he is the one responsible and he has to find a way to beat himself.

The reveal was of course the big highlight of the episode but there are still a few things I want to at least touch on. I thought the writing was outstanding this episode. We had a lot of 1 on 1 interactions and they all had really well written dialog. I thought the overall story arc was really well laid out and they managed to accomplish a lot considering that the reveal will be the highlight of this episode.

I thought the action looked really nice this episode. It has been a while since we have had some massive action set pieces and I thought we got a few really good ones, especially with Cisco and Killer Frost. I also have to mention that Killer Frost making an ice slid and seeing Barry chase after her seemed like one of the most comic book things this show has done.

Overall, I’m still coming down from the reveal so it is going to take a while for this episode to settle, but at the moment, I loved it. Take away the reveal and this was still and extremely strong character driven episode that I enjoyed a lot. I really enjoyed the new character of Tracy Brand and I’m really liking that for the moment Cecile is going to be around for a while. Another great episode and now more than ever I can’t wait to see how this season ends.



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