Supergirl – S02E19 Alex

Like last week’s episode, this is a really hard episode to judge. I’ll start by saying if this was within the first 5 or so episodes, I would of really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t. This is the pointy end of the season and I still have no idea who is meant to be the big bad of this season. Is it Cadmas or the Daxamites, I have not idea and with 3 or so episodes to go, we need to know this stuff.

Starting with the villain this episode, I did really enjoy him. Not often do we get a psychological villain on Supergirl so it is great to have a really good one show up. I thought the actor did a great job portraying him and the emotion around his motivation.

I’ve really enjoy the Maggie and Alex relationship this season and I thought it was a great positive again this episode. This episode of course was focused a lot around Alex and I think they did a great job at setting up Maggie’s emotions towards possibly losing Alex.

Into some negatives and I have to start with some general writing. At points of this episode, some things the characters said or did was unlike what they usually do. Of all the CW superhero shows, I feel as though Supergirl is the one that has the most inconsistencies in their writing and it really stands out as a black mark against the show.

The biggest problem I had with this episode however is a problem I have had for a while and that is Kara. This ties a bit into the writing but in the second half of this season, they have painted Kara as this egotistical superhero that has a rotten attitude and needs to be knocked down a few pegs. In recent episodes they had back that off a big but she was back to it again this episode. I really liked the concept they were taking of questioning when the city needs superheroes and when don’t they, but the way they wrote Kara really spoiled this episode from being a nice episode that questions superheroes as a whole.

Overall, it wasn’t the worst episode of Supergirl however it’s misplacing in the season and it’s writing of key characters really stands out as problems we shouldn’t be having at this point in the season. There are still a few episodes left before this season wraps up, but unfortunately for me, I’ve all but written this season off.



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