The Flash – S03E19 The Once and Future Flash

I feel like I say this every week but The Flash is one of my favourite shows. I like the cheesiness and the made up science and the fast people and the metahumans and the time travel. It’s what I like in a show that has 22 episodes a season because they are the elements that keep me entertained.

My concern coming into this episode after such a break was that it was going to miss a few steps and set a bad tone for this run home. While I know chances are this episode wasn’t filmed 4 weeks after the previous one, it was still important to me that this episode hit this final part of the season off to a flyer. Luckily it did.

I put this episode up there with The Runaway Dinosaur. This episode was this episodes The Runaway Dinosaur. As I said before I do like when Flash learns into the time travel aspect of the show so going to the future was something that I was really excited for and they didn’t disappoint. What I really liked about this episode, which was a change from what they have done in previous episodes where Flash is in another time or on another Earth, is that we stuck with Barry the whole time. There was just jumping between what Barry is doing and what the rest of the team is doing. I know a lot of this is because it is time travel and he can return to the exact moment he left, but just from an audience point of view it was nice to have Barry always as the main focus.

I really liked seeing how ruined everyone’s lives had become in the future. While I don’t necessarily like seeing our main characters in a bad state, for me it set some stakes as to what they are up against. If Savitar wins, not only does he take Iris but he ruins the lives of so many.

Barry went to the future to find out who Savitar really is, and I wasn’t sure if they were going to reveal that information this episode and in hindsight, I’m glad we are getting it kept for next week. I’ve liked the slow build up to the reveal because at this point we still don’t have any idea who it is. In past seasons we have usually had a short list of who it could be but at this point I am personally lost. Before this episode I was on the HR train but after seeing him in the future, I don’t know if that rules him out or Savitar is from further in the future.

There was a few things I want to touch on. The first is the return of Mirror Master and Top. I enjoyed them first time around in the present day so I thought it was great that they got second uses from them in the future. Of course, seeing two Barrys is was great. I’ve really enjoyed seeing speedsters work together and although it wasn’t too much of a team up, seeing two Flashs together was something really nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was really well written, looked great, there were great performances as always. For me this episode didn’t have a misstep. While overall, not a lot happened, this episode has pushed this season forward and has set us up perfectly for a big ending.



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