Supergirl – S02E18 Ace Reporter

There’s no denying that this season of Supergirl has fell extremely flat for me. While I enjoyed the previous episode prior to this 4 week break, I was overall pretty disinterested in what this show had given me from the mid season finale to now. With that my expectations for this episode was quite low like it has been the past few episodes.

This episode is a tough one for me to judge. If I look at it as just the episode, it was a fairly solid episode. The writing was pretty decent, the performances were solid, the story was easy to follow, the action looked good, the effects on the bugs turned out pretty nice. It is my definition of a good episode.

But then I have to judge this episode in the context of this season. If this was the 3rd, 4th, even 5th episode of the season, I think it would have been fine but it wasn’t. This is episode 18. They have set up our villain, they are coming off a fairly good episode, this was the episode they needed to start pushing forward. Instead they caused an unnecessary¬†drama point with Winn, they introduced a new character which we are never going to see again and they found a way to give Kara her job back. Unless this pays off in the coming weeks, this episode is going to be put with all the unnecessary episodes we have had this second half of the season.

Overall, I watched the episode, it was fine and that’s it. I didn’t really take many highlights away from it which is really disappointing at this point in the season. Hopefully they can step it up in the weeks to come however I don’t know if they will because they have snuffled out my hope for countless weeks now.



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