The Flash – S03E18 Abra Kadabra

This was an episode I was looking forward to ever since they released the synopsis for it. First of all we are ticking off another comic villain off the list, but secondly and most importantly, this episode was going to be the first step into working out a way to stop Savitar. With all the expectation, I was a little worried it was going to let me down, but it didn’t.

This was a really good episode. While it doesn’t peak into that top few for the season, I finished this episode ready to be strapped in for the last leg of the season. This episode started to set off the final leg while both building on some previous plot lines and starting some new ones.

I’ll start by saying I really enjoyed Abra Kadabra as a villain. While it appears that this was the end of him, I still really enjoyed the was he toyed with the team and tempted them. Of course he was a really important villain to have at this stage of the season because he had such vital information on Savitar. Personally, I was starting to get a little bored during the middle of the episode because I was convinced at the end they were going to let him go for Savitar’s name. But I was wrong, which I like because it shows that they aren’t doing what I thought they would. I was really surprised that they didn’t make the deal, which was a great pay of from the middle section of the episode dragging out a bit.

Something I really enjoyed this episode, which I always do but it stood out this episode, was the performances. For the most part this was very much a character driven episode as they fight between what they want and standing true to justice. I thought every character had at least one great moment throughout the episode. Characters like Joe and Iris had a few which really showed off how well Jesse and Candice are as actors. I thought the end scene with Cisco was amazing by Carlos, I don’t think we have seen that sort of emotion from his for a long time on this show.

Looking forward to the future (pun intended), I’m really excited to see what they do with the next episode. Apart from a couple of times on Legends, we haven’t seen much of the Arrowverse future, and when we have, they have been personal favourite episodes for me. In Legends we got to see a dark future for Arrow, and after seeing the trailer, I’m interested to see what sort of future we will get for Flash. Along with Barry going to the future, we are going to have some more Killer Frost stuff. I’ve always liked when Killer Frost was around so it will be great to see more of her next episode. Also, I think HR and his disappearance is going to play a part in the remainder of the seasons. After seeing the trailer for next episode, I’m jumping onboard the HR as Savitar train.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I liked where it left us going into the month break because it really pumps up my excitement for the run home. Another solid episode for The Flash.



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