Supergirl – S02E17 Distant Sun

Is there a chance that Supergirl is on the up? 2 weeks ago we had a really solid episode, but then last week they threw that all away and gave us what was in my opinion, one of the worst episodes of Supergirl we have had. With that, I was expecting more of the same disappointment in this week’s episode and the ever steepening trend to continue, but I was surprised. I didn’t know til later that this was a Kevin Smith directed episode. So far I have loved the episodes of Flash he has directed however I wasn’t so high on his first Supergirl episode earlier this season.

No, this was not the best episode ever, and no it was not better than the episode 2 weeks ago, but this episode was a step in the right direction. They toned back on the secondary plot and love stories to spend a bit on time heading towards the big finale. This is what I want the show to do for the rest of the season. They need to concentrate on the story that actually matters.

I say every week that I am okay with a bit of relationship stuff each week however it should be background stuff. I thought they did a really good job of that this week. While we still got a little with Alex and Maggie, I thought their stuff was very appropriate because they are the strongest relationship currently on the show. I don’t mind as much when they do have a bit of attention on them because for me they are the Barry/Iris relationship of Supergirl. The other big relationship they have been revolving around is Kara and Mon-El, and I thought they toned them back so much this episode and were able to use them to concentrate on the story plot. I’m not sure if it’s because they have solved their drama in the Flash crossover episode, but from here on I am happy for them to be a relationship but it needs to be a side point. I get that the main story arc for the episode was Mon-El wanting to stay with Kara, the difference is that the choice was between Kara and his parents, something we had been building to for such a long time, and not just some silly little white lie that everyone loses their shit over.

Still on Mon-El, thank god they gave him something to do this episode. I have said for a while that I expected him to have a stronger role in the back end of the season and it’s great that it is started to kick in because he now has a use rather than be there just for love drama. I think in the next few episodes that we are going to see more of him as a character than we have so far. Which brings me to a small prediction. I don’t think he will be around come season 3. While I think he has been a very underutilised character in the show and it is a shame that he would be gone so quick, I don’t see this ending in a way that doesn’t involving him leaving the show, whether it is through death or needing to leave Earth. My guess is he will leave Earth to be king of Daxon once his mother is dealt with.

Something small that I need to touch on because it annoyed me so much throughout the episode is Teri Hatcher’s crown. Not once did it appear to be sitting straight on her head. I’m not sure if they just missed that during her costuming but when something like that is such a statement in her costume and it has a big point on it, it is easy to notice when it isn’t in the middle of her head.

Overall, while it wasn’t the best episode, it stood out as a good episode amongst some of the ones they have produced since returning from the break. I’m interested to see how they are going to handle the rest of the season. We now have about a month off from Supergirl, along with Flash and Arrow, so maybe that might be some much needed time to work out how to save this season.



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