Beauty and the Beast Review

Going into Beauty and the Beast I wasn’t too excited because I didn’t see a real reason why it needed to be remade. I understood Jungle Book utilising the technology and understand why they want to do a similar thing with Lion King, but I thought that the cartoon version of things like a Beast and household objects worked. Because of that, I didn’t expect much from this film in terms of originality but I still wanted it to hit other key areas.

For the most part I really enjoyed this movie. I think they did a good enough job at having good performances and great visuals that for a long time I forgot this was a remake.

Touching on the performances, on the live-action side I thought Luke Evans was a stand out as Gaston. I thought he was really good in everything he did and had really great chemistry with Josh Gad, who was also really good as LeFou. In the voicing side, I thought most of them were spot on. Dan Stevens was fantastic as Beast and Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen were great as Lumiere and Cogsworth. The voice acting was the biggest positive for me because they gave these characters life.

Visually, I thought it was really good for the most part. The CGI characters looked really good and most of the background scenery looked great. There was however a few times where I thought the green screen was a little off and you could tell, which took me out of it for a moment or two.

There was a few new story plots through the movie which I thought were some great additions however it didn’t have much effect on the overall plot. This was however a bit of a negative because every time a new scene was added, it reminded me that this is a remake and chances are it was going to go the way of the original animated film.

Overall, this was a great movie as far as execution, but for me personally, the remake angle kicked in a little to much for me and because of that, the ending was a bit deflated for me. Never the less, this was still a good movie that you know is going to be successful regardless.



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  1. Dan O. says:

    Unnecessary, but still charming. Nice review.


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