Power Rangers Review

I grew up with not much knowledge of the Power Rangers. I watched it on TV here and there but my main access to them was a DVD I had of the 1995 movie. I lost count on how many times I saw that thing, but for me, that was my Power Rangers. With that, I had pretty low expectations of this movie. I wanted it to capture the feel of a Chronicle, but still have some of the cheesy and ridiculousness of the movie. I’m glad to say this movie did that.

What made this such an enjoyable movie was the chemistry between the characters. All 5 main actors had great on screen chemistry, especially Dacre Montgomey, Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler, who played the Jason, Kimberly and Billy. These were the first characters we were introduced to out of the new Power Rangers and I thought they clicked fantastically. Ludi Lin and Becky G. were also great as Zack and Trini but the way the story played out really set the first 3 as the characters you get attached to.

The 3 big name actors for this movie was Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulse, Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Bill Hader as Alpha 5. I thought all of them were great. Banks as Rita was at times a little over the top but in the scope of the whole movie I didn’t mind it because it worked. A similar thing could be said about Hader as Alpha 5. I thought having the really energetic robot worked well in the movie and stoped the movie from taking too much of a serious tone. The standout was Cranston as Zordon. Having an actor with his gravitas really helped drive home the important moments of the film. If his messages he was saying was to come from someone like Alpha 5, the seriousness and importance of them would have been lost.

Power Rangers fits into that action/superhero origin category. I thought it ticked all those boxed in the film. The action sequences was entertaining and well choreographed, especially those in the third act with the Zords. They really hit what you need to in an origin story where they gave good back story to these characters and their formation into this superhero like team felt natural. We saw their transformation from average teenagers to super humans throughout the film and I thought the pacing of the training was just right that you had believed they had done enough training to become what they have without feeling like they were dwelling on it too much.

For me, this is a movie that is hard to say any negatives about. In all the major categories of what you judge a movie on, it was at least at a sound quality. I thought the story was great and entertaining, the dialog flowed naturally, there were some great moments of humour, the CGI was pretty good, especially on the Zords, characters did what they needed to do and were portrayed how they needed to be portrayed. This is one of those movies where you are never going to consider it one of the best movies ever, but this is everything you wanted in a movie like Power Rangers.




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