The Flash – S03E17 Duet

I’m going to start by saying I was always going to treat this episode as a throw away. This is the CW having fun with their shows and cast. I get it, some people are automatically going to discredit the show as a whole because of the musical aspect of this episode, I have already seen people saying that they are never going to watch The Flash again. Firstly, I’ll say if people don’t see this as a simple throw away and take this way too seriously, then they are probably people who just want to stick to a fast guy saving the city, a guy who shoots arrows, an alien and a bunch of time travellers. If this episode is bad then it’s a one off that I’m not going to take too seriously, and if it’s good, then that’s just a bonus.

This episode was the most stupid and ridiculous yet most awesome things The Flash and the CW shows have done. Yes, this episode had no massive effect on the overall plot of this season but by the end of it I didn’t care. This was an episode made to show how talented the cast of this show is. As someone who is a big man of music as well as movies and TV, I love seeing when people show their diversity across the different forms of entertainment.

What I really loved about this episode was the Earth 2 aspect of it how this is just another reality of our characters. I loved seeing Joe and Stein as mafia bosses and Malcom as a club boss. Cisco and Winn as entertainers and Iris and Mon-El as lovers. Even though this has nothing to do with the overall plot, the main goal in TV is to entertain and seeing these cast members playing a different role was entertaining for me.

As far as singing, if you didn’t know already, most of this cast can sing. While we got a bit of crossover with Glee, it was still great to see other people like Jeremy Jordan and Carlos Valdes drop a song because most people wouldn’t know they could. I thought the writing of the original song was great with little nuggets of jokes here and there and it was all round performed fantastic.

There was however a slight negative was the ending. I’m not one for much relationship drama and it has been the biggest downside to Supergirl for me and one of the only negative things I have had to say about Flash in recent weeks. The end of this episode in a way retconned their drama and set them back to normal, which I guess I’m okay with, but at the same time says to me that there was no real reason for the drama in the first place. Either way, it seems to tie a bow on their latest dramas so hopefully we can move on from it now.

Overall, this sort of episode seems like something that would of come from Legends. I love Legends because of how stupid it can get and if this episode was a Legends episode, no one would be batting an eye. A Flash/Supergirl crossover was the perfect situation to do this because of the cast at hand and I’m glad they went full throttle  at it. Comics had musics, people might not like that but at the end of the day, I thought it was entertaining as hell. Would I want a whole season of it, no, but it was a great one off.



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