Arrow – S05E17 Kapiushon

Rewind to October. As you sat down and watch the first episode of season 5. Did you see a bright season ahead? Or did you see a dark future? Not many of us would of seen the bright season, but that’s what we got. Arrow is back to how it should be. I’ve said this for a while now but it is episodes like this which show why this show was a success to begin with.

About mid way through this episode I wasn’t to sure where it was heading. There was what seemed like probably a 60/40 split in screen time between the flash backs and present day, and flash backs was the 60. I couldn’t see how they were relevant to each other and I was just waiting for that moment when it clicked. Then it did.We saw the birth of the killer. We knew Oliver had killed previously but it wasn’t until now, nearly 5 years after landing on the island, did we see that Oliver and the monster under the hood is indeed the same person. I thought the way they did it by jumping back and forth between Oliver’s confession and the hood killing Kovar was brilliant. It was impactful and intense and emotional, all thing you want in a moment like this.

I of course have to talk further on the flash backs. I’m not sure if it was because we spent so much time in them this episode but I really enjoyed them a lot more than I have in recent weeks. We got enough story in them that they were intriguing and I never felt the need for them to hurry back to the present day story. This is something I haven’t felt about the flash backs since seasons 1 and 2. When the flash backs are good enough that they could be a show in themselves, then it’s always a positive sign for Arrow as a show.

There wasn’t much that really happened in the present day story, although what did happen is probably one of the biggest things in the show’s history. We got Oliver’s confession that it is he that is the killer. Prior to this I really liked the angle they took of how Oliver is not the killer, it is the hood that is, and because I enjoyed that concept so much, the emotion behind Oliver saying that he deep down knew the hood is him all along was amazing. I have to really give Stephen Amell some serious credit for his performance this episode, with not only his confession scene but everything else building up to it was amazing.

I need to touch on Prometheus/Chase for a moment. I think he might be my favourite villain of this show. Malcolm is always great but his anti-heroness of him discredits him as an outright villain. Deathstroke will always be up there because we saw the rise and fall of him as a teacher to a villain. Ras Al Ghul was entertaining for the most part and Darhk is a better villain in Legends then he was on Arrow. But there is something Prometheus has over the other villains and thats how he effects Oliver. Not one of those villains has challenged him on both a physical and emotional level like Prometheus has. Prometheus has made Oliver crack. There has been times where Oliver has thought about stopping but never to the extent he has this episode. While still talking about Prometheus/Chase, I have to give credit to Josh Segarra. While it’s not actually him as the Prometheus side of the character, the way he portrays Chase, especially in this episode is amazing. He has a sense of darkness none of the other villains has abled to capture and it really stands out in his performance.

Overall, I loved this episode. I’d have to go back to see if this is my favourite episode of the season, but there’s no doubt it is one of the best. Everything from writing to acting to overall story was amazing and it’s hard to see how at this point Arrow can be heading back downhill anytime soon.



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