Supergirl – S02E15 Star-Crossed

When the title of the episode is titled after a love story, it has me worried. And what do you know, Supergirl continues it’s second half season roll, roll off a cliff into Arrow season 4 territory. This season is a long was from saving and if it keeps this up, this series could be a long way from saving for me.

Kara and Mon-El. Karamel. Whatever name they have. Like Arrow became the Olicity show, this has become the Karamel show, and this show stinks. Remember when Supergirl was a show about an alien girl who grew up on Earth and works in secret with her sister and a martian to take down crime? It’s not hard to forget because they tell you that’s what this show is about at the start of every single episode. Of all the superhero shows on the CW, this one has by far the least accurate description as it’s opening sequence. It should go more like, “At the end of last season this cute guy turned up on Earth and I suddenly became an egotistical person who thinks I am better than everyone else and each week we have fights because drama is the best thing for this show, and sometimes I will stop a space ship from taking off but that was only one time, we are Karamel.”

What made this episode more frustrating was Winn’s storyline was the stand out of this episode, and it wasn’t even that good. If Winn’s storyline was the main arc for an earlier episode of the season, this episode would be looking at an extremely high score, but it wasn’t.

Like the big crossover earlier this season, this episode had a tease for what was about to come. While I’m not head over heels excited to see what they can toss up in a musical crossover, I’m still interested to see what they can do with it.

At this point, Supergirl is on really thin ice. Knowing me and my need to complete things I will probably continue to watch this show while it’s on air because I am such a fan of the other 3 shows, however my excitement for it each week is heading further and further down hill.

This episode did basically nothing to further the overall story. It had a back door intro into the crossover but apart from that, not one thing is going to be remembered about this episode by the end of the season. Mon-El as a Prince doesn’t count because we all knew it was coming.



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