The Flash – S03E16 Into the Speed Force

After the last speed force episode we got last season, I was extra hyped for this week’s episode. I love whenever we get deeper into the Flash lore and the mystery behind his powers. I’ve read a bit about the speed force through the comics and I really like how on the show they use physically embodiments.

This starts me off on my first point. I loved the return of some of the characters. Because of things like the multiverse and the speed force, we get an excuse to bring back some of our fan favourites. Miller as Snart has always been one of my favourite characters both on this show and Legends so it was really great to see him again. While I didn’t have as big of an attachment to Ronnie and Eddie, I still loved seeing them again in some way.

While not much really happen when they were in the speed force, I still loved every moment of it. I really love the look of the speed force and how it seems like a play that exists outside of the multiverse. We have now had two speed force episodes and I really liked how the speed force as a character had changed since the last episode. I hope for future seasons we see the speed force develop more and we keep revisiting it.

Touching on the stuff that happened outside of the speed force, I liked how they used Jesse this episode. I thought her taking her father’s ‘go get them’ characteristic and taking on Savitar was, while stupid from a character point of view, a good character moment for Jesse. It’s great to see this determination and fearlessness in her because it’s a characteristic that I really loved that from Earth 2 Harry.

While still being on the topic of Jesse taking on Savitar, it was really interesting to see how he could be physically hurt. Which I wasn’t completely surprised that this was the case, as a show, it shows that we are starting to learn of Savitar’s weaknesses and ways they could stop him.

There was a little negative I had from this episode however, it I think it was such a negative because we had two similar situations happen and one was done better than the other. I thought the way they put a bit of space between Jesse and Wally was done really well because it logically made sense. Earth 3 needed a Flash and Jesse felt a need to spend a bit of time by herself. On the flip side, Barry and Iris taking a break made no sense. One week they are engaged, the next they need space. I get the reasoning behind breaking the engagement because it was forced by Barry’s fear of her death, however there wasn’t a clear motivation behind Barry wanting to take a break. Hopefully this is something they touch on in coming weeks, but for the mean time I had to chalk it down as a negative.

Overall, I really loved this episode. While I don’t think I loved it quite as much as last weeks or the previous speed force episode. It is still up there as one of my top tier episodes. Turning to next week, I really liked how there wasn’t a big cliff hanger because next week is going to be the musical crossover with Supergirl. This episode left us in a position where we can try something different next week and we haven’t hit our straps into the final part of the story. Touching on Savitar, last week I was on the future Barry train, this week I am on the HR bandwagon. There was certain moments that HR and Savitar had which seem so similar since reading about different connections between the two. While I still wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that it is someone else, I think either way we are getting a reveal soon and it is going to be a big one.



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