The Flash – S03E15 The Wrath of Savitar

The Flash is one of my favourite shows of all time and this episode shows why. I have never been so emotionally invested in a show where they can have 80% of an episode just talking and you’re hanging off every word. The Flash has built such a strong foundation over it’s three seasons that pulling out an episode like this can only happen after they have you hooked.

What I loved most about this episode was that for the most part it felt like not much happened and it very much as a character driven episode, then it got into the back half and everything changed. Everything in this episode had a purpose. Whether it was Barry and Iris discussing their engagement or Julian and Caitlyn talking about their relationship, everything fit into the bigger picture of this episode and the season as a whole. We now know why Barry proposed, we know that Caitlyn is the one to betray the team, and we know that Wally is the one that suffers a fate worse than death. While I’m open to the idea that someone else might betray the team or someone else might suffer a fate worse than death, I like how when Team Flash started ticking off points to stop Savitar, Savitar starts ticking off points to his victory.

I have to take a moment to talk about Jesse L Martin. He is by far the most talented actor on this show and his performance this episode was outstanding. No one could of given the “I’m happy for you but I’m disappointed in you” talk to Barry, or pull that amount of emotion when Wally was sucked into the speed force. The reason Joe works so well as a character is because of Martin, and I’m so glad we have someone like that on the show. While I’m on the topic of Joe, this is the point of the season where predictions start to happen. While I would hate for this to actually happen, I think Joe is going to die this season. I love the character but this show has a way of getting you emotionally every season and I think this is going to be the emotional blow.

I of course have to talk about Wally. I’ll start by saying I don’t think there is anyway he will remain in the speed force. I’m sure they will find a way to remove him, however I still think this is a really strong story point. Team Flash now have another big problem to face as well as Savitar, and that problem is even bigger because Wally was the key to saving Iris. On Wally as a whole, I really liked what they did with him this episode. Out of everyone this episode, he had the more important things to do and I think a lot of credit should be given to Keiynan Lonsdale for stepping it up. I’m now interested to see what they are going to do with Wally while he is in the speed force. I’m hoping we have some scenes where we are checking in on him, however I can see them keeping us in the dark on what is going on with him.

Last but not least, Savitar. This episode we saw that Savitar was much more than just a deadly speedster, he is a genius. On Arrow we have Prometheus who is always 10 steps ahead of Arrow and it’s great to be getting a similar thing with Savitar on Flash. What I love about it is that us as the audience is in the same position as Team Flash. We had no idea that Savitar had a plan this complex and that he was playing everyone from the start. This adds so much to the character of Savitar and it really excites me to know that he has to be both out fought and outwitted. As mentioned before, this is the time where theories start to arise on the back end of the season. I believe Savitar is future Barry. While most of this is because I am currently chipping away at the New 52 Flash comics, but everything from the physical design and his origin seems very similar to future Barry in the comics. While part of my hopes it’s not because I want to be surprised, I think following the theme of having to fact yourself and your mistakes would ring really well if this was the case.

Overall, I loved this episode. I love a lot of Flash episodes but for me, this episode is up there in my top few. This episode was perfect to me in pretty much every aspect it could be and I could ask for anything else out of 40 minutes. We are getting more on the main plot next week, and then the musical crossover the week later, so it appears things are starting to ramp up the a fantastic finish.



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