The Flash – S03E14 Attack on Central City

After what was a fantastic episode last week at gorilla city, I was really excited to see what they were going to do when the gorilla army came to Central City. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I’ve only recently read the Grodd arc in the New 52 comic, therefore my expectations on what this episode was going to be was high.

I’ll start by saying that I was a little let down by this episode. This was one of those occasions where I was expecting one thing and got something different. While I still thought this was a fantastic episode, leading up to this week I was expecting we were going to have a big gorilla battle, similar to what we got in the Dominators cross over. However, with TV budgets, I can completely understand why they opted to play this episode out like they did.

What made me still love this episode was that it had a bit of everything this show has to offer and it nailed every part of it. Seeing as they missed out on having a Valentines themed episode, I was okay that they dripped the theme in at the start. For a show like this that is spread over so many weeks, it only makes sense that we see our characters go though those yearly events like Christmas and Valentines day. What I really liked about it was how well it was handled and contained. I liked how it was a quick 5 minute thing at the start, all the characters had their relationship stuff mentioned, apart from Wally and Jesse which I will touch on in a second, and then they moved on with what this episode needed. I say every week, I liked having relationships in shows like this, but they need to remain as a background plot point, and if they become the main plot point, they need to have good reason to.

Which takes me to Wally and Jesse. Their relationship walks that line of needing to be a side point and actually having story relevance to it. I think that in the past two weeks, they have been very story relevant. Jesse moving to Earth 1 is such a big thing that it is going to change the dynamic of the story and because of that, I didn’t mind that we saw a bit of drama between then and Earth 2 Wells. After all, this was the Wells we had present for most of last season and we saw his relationship with Jesse change, so it was nice to see them handling it this episode.

What I love about the Flash is that they don’t have to hammer on with the action and it can stand as a sci-fy show that revolves around science. I always like when they step away from the action and use their science knowledge to help solve the problem, and this is what we got this episode. Although most of it is mumbo-jumbo that probably isn’t the slightest bit real, its still cool to see, what is probably the smarted team of all the CW superhero shows, in action and finding new ways to defeat the villain.

Although I just mentioned how I like when they are able to step back from the action, I now have to do a 180 and talk about how good the action was. While we didn’t get much as far as speedster action sequences, I thought the Grodd vs Solovar fight was amazing. While it showed a couple of kinks in the CW budget, for the most part they looked amazing. While I would of liked to see more speedster vs gorilla stuff, I don’t think we would of got the intensity of the gorilla fight. While still on gorillas, it’s interesting that they have now decided to leave Grodd on Earth 1. I suspect that this is so they can pull him into play easier in upcoming season, so the fact that we know his at least on the same Earth as our team keeps the excitement for Grodd high.

Overall, while it fell a little short of what I thought would happen, it was still a fantastic episode. I feel like having this double episode event was a great thing to have so that we can now turn our attention to Savitar for the rest of the season. As we saw a the end of the episode, Savitar has returned so I’m expecting a couple Savitar heavy episodes in the next few weeks. By the looks of it, episode 17 is the musical cross over with Supergirl, so that leaves the show two weeks to set Savitar up, and maybe have some form of reveal to us as the audience.



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