Arrow – S05E15 Fighting Fire with Fire

If this episode isn’t confirmation that Arrow is back, then I don’t know what is. While I still had a couple of problems with it as a whole and it just misses out on being that home run episode for me, the sheer quality of this episode was amazing.

First I’ll start with the Prometheus reveal. Only a couple of weeks ago I was seeing people get roasted online for suggesting Adrian was Prometheus. While I wasn’t someone doing the roasting, like many I assumed that Adrian was Vigilante. After all, that is who he is in the comics and I know how much these shows love to introduce someone and then make them someone bigger as time goes on. So when it was revealed that Adrian is Prometheus, I was completely shocked.

Now that we have had that reveal, it now all comes down to Vigilante. In my head, I always suspected that the Vigilante reveal would come before the Prometheus reveal, but now that they have swapped them around, I’m starting to wonder if Vigilante is someone much bigger than we suspect.

Moving onto the mayor stuff, I was really surprised on how they went about it. I know that they were probably heading to some big press conference at the end where Oliver would reveal something, however I never thought that he would be throwing himself under the bus. I’m not sure if it is Oliver having to distance himself from the Green Arrow for a bit or he feels like he should suffer for what his done, but I’m not to sure what the game plan is, which really interests me because it makes for a really interesting back half of the season.

I have to talk about Curtis as both a positive and a negative. Finally we have T spheres. I was only saying last week that I want him to do more than just be the weak link of the team. With these spheres I’m hoping that he actually becomes a valued member of the team. Now to his negatives, I didn’t need his relationship drama this episode. While it makes sense why they did it because it is the natural way to go, in this episode alone it was dragged out too much. And now that it happened at the end of the episode, you know it’s going to flow into the next episode.

Just quickly, the other problem I had with this episode was Susan Williams. While I didn’t have a problem with her herself, I was a bit confused that she knew Oliver was the Green Arrow. From the way I interpreted their previous conversations, she suspected it by Oliver never confirmed it.

Overall, a great episode of Arrow. While it wasn’t my favourite of the season, it felt so much like an early season episode and that is always a good thing. I’m interested to see how this will go in the next few weeks. I really like when the Green Arrow is public enemy number one so I’m hoping they do something great with it.



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