Supergirl – S02E14 Homecoming

I’m not sure if I disappointed by this show anymore. Each week that goes by, I am hit with another episode that just doesn’t do anything for me. While this wasn’t the worst episode of Supergirl ever, they had a good opportunity to make this a big memorably episode, and it simply wasn’t.

Each week I harp on about the relationship drama that had just taken place in the screen, and this week was no different. As a character, I feel sorry for Mon-El. While we have always had a suspicion that his going to turn out to be more than we think he is, and this episode added fuel to that fire, but as what he is now, he is getting the raw end of every situation. Only a few weeks ago we had Kara go up against everyone when she back Lena Luthor to be innocent, and when she was right, she rubbed it in everyone’s faces. This week Mon-El does the logical thing and questions the timing of Jeremiah’s return and he gets absolutely roasted by Kara. As someone watching the show, I’m struggling to see the writers reasoning of many actions by Kara in recent weeks. She is always the first one to stand up for what she believes in, no matter who is against her, but when someone stands up to her, she chucks a Supergirl hissy fit and discards their opinion.

While I’m still on Kara, I thought the way she turned once Mon-El and Winn came to her with evidence was just ridiculous. The fact that she still went up against Alex, even after the evidence that had turned her in the first place was discredited, and argued the same way Mon-El did, came off as a way for the writers to cause more drama.

As for the other stuff of the episode, we didn’t get too much because this episode was mainly the Kara drama show. However, what little Cadmus stuff we did get I did enjoy. Cadmus hasn’t been a strong force in this story for a long time, so it was great to finally get some progress in their story and to see the overall story starting to form an end point.

I don’t know what else I can really say about this episode. As a show, this season needs a big episode soon or we are going to start comparing this to Arrow season 3. Despite the strong start this season had before the mid season break, everything from that point on has been a let down. I am prepared to say that at this point, season 1 is my favourite. Despite it having a slow start, once it found it’s feet, the episode quality was way higher than what we have gotten in recent times.



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