Arrow – S05E14 The Sin-Eater

I wasn’t too sure what this episode of Arrow was going to be about and because of that it was nice to be going in without any expectation on what we were getting. After last week’s political themed episode, I did have a hope that we were going to have more of an Arrow themed episode and jump back into our big storyline.

After the first 5 or 10 minutes of this episode, I was worried this was going to be another villain of the week scenario where nothing came about, but it wasn’t. While still being in a villain of the week skin, I thought this episode did a lot for the overall story moving forward.

What I really liked about this episode was that they were hitting the theme of having to face your past. I really liked the parallel we had this episode between what we assume is Prometheus’s mother saying to Oliver that the Green Arrow has to pay for what his done and later on in the episode where Oliver has to face the fact that it was him that killed Billy and not Prometheus. Moments like this really build up the villain of Prometheus because you are seeing him succeed in making Oliver face what he has done in the past.

I said at the start that I was hoping for an Arrow centred episode and I think we got that this week. Backing up from the moments of Oliver facing his past, I really liked how the Green Arrow itself was in public display, that largely revolving around the cover up.I’m interested to see where this is going to head in the next few weeks, but either way I think we are about to dive into the meat of the story.

Touching on the flash backs, while I don’t think they were bad this week, they just weren’t as interesting as the modern story line. I don’t think we are ever going to get back to season 1 and 2 quality flashbacks where we had Slade, but I think that so far, anytime Talia Al Ghul has been present, the flashbacks have stood out as a positive. I’m hoping that this was the start of the ending to the Bratva arc and we get more Talia to close out this seasons flashbacks.

Something I want to touch on as both a positive and negative is the recruits. I’ve really liked the new team and I’ve loved the addition of as Dinah, I thought she was really strong again this episode. However, I have to touch on Curtis. I like Curtis as a character, but he should know be a vigilante. While the Mr Terrific concept is cool and T spheres will be coming eventually, until then he offers nothing. The way he is written is that he can’t handle himself. Since getting Diggle back in action and bringing Dinah who can handle herself, I don’t see why I can’t be them two along with Oliver and Wild-dog. We assume that Rory will come back into the fold later in the season to add another member, but even still, at the moment and for the future, I think Curtis is better behind the computer along with Felicity, similar to Team Flash having Cisco, Caitlyn and now Julian running the computer.

Overall I really liked this episode. While it wasn’t my favourite episode of the season, I can see this episode being viewed as a game changer based off what happens in the coming weeks. Personally I think we are heading to a Green Arrow/Oliver reveal by the end of the season. Whether he does it to save his job as Mayor, it he reveals it later, I think it is coming.



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