The Flash – S03E13 Attack on Gorilla City

After a week off, I was so excited to be getting back to Flash. Considering the last 4 episodes of CW superhero shows I have watched has either been the dark and gritty Arrow or what I see as very subpar Supergirl, I was in a much needed dose of Flash. This episode, and next episode as well, brings together two of my favourite things in Flash, travelling between Earths and Grodd. Having only just finishing reading the Grodd arc in the New 52 Flash comic, my excitement is on a high to see what the TV show is going to do with Grodd and his gorilla army.

As I expected, I loved this episode. For me this was a perfect all round episode. I thought the writing, whether it was dialog or story, was on point. The CGI was outstanding for a show like Flash that is on the CW. I thought Grodd and Solovar looked amazing. The way the action sequences were directed looked fantastic, especially the slow mo stuff when Flash and Solovar first come together. When an episode is close to perfect, for me I find it had to write about because all I can do is name specifics about what I really liked, and considering this episode had a lot of action and a pretty simple story for the main arc of the episode, it’s hard to go into detail and break down this episode.

That being said, I have to touch on something in detail that the Flash does really well that has been my pet hate about Supergirl recently, and that is relationships. Not counting Barry and Iris, which I think is a relationship that we saw built over time and form naturally, we had two other relationships in this episode. The first was Wally and Jesse, a relationship that we have been tested with for a while. What I really liked about how they handled this relationship compared to Supergirl is that there is a point to it. In this episode, through their interactions we got to see Jesse’s perspective on how Wally has changed since getting his powers and how his love of speed become even stronger. We also ended with Jesse accepting Wally’s invitation to come to Earth 1 for good. This isn’t some Supergirl or Arrow season 4 stuff where their relationship feels rushed and his just suddenly asking her to move in, but this is a key story point in the great season. We are getting Jesse Quick on Earth 1. Whether or not she stays for a long time or not, it’s going to be great to have her around more and what is so great about it is how it happened. They could of written a million reasons as to why she is moving over, but the fact that they wrote it into their relationship, it gives Wally and Jesse’s relationship a purpose rather than some drama.

The second relationship we have is Caitlyn and Julian. While out of all of them, this is perhaps the more teen drama, Supergirl like, I put how this relationship is forming up there with Maggie and Alex. This relationship feels natural in the show and what gives it the natural feeling is the character moments from Caitlyn. Regardless of if this relationship works or not, we are getting an insight as to how scared she is of her powers and how because of that she doesn’t want to get close to anyone. Where as in Supergirl, I felt like the reason Kara and Mon-El were doing the will they/won’t they situation that Caitlyn and Julian are currently in, is because the show needed to have a reason for drama.

Overall, a fantastic episode yet again from Flash. This show knows how to do their big events right and they have kicked of the start of this two episode gorilla arc perfectly. By the looks of it we are going it get more Gypsy next week, on top of more Jesse Quick and Earth 2 Wells, which is my favourite of all the Wells we have seen. From expectations, I think we are in for a blockbuster next week, however if it’s anything like this week’s episode, it’s a home run.



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