Supergirl – S02E13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

This was always going to be a tough episode for me, no doubt about that. Since returning from their break, I think Supergirl has been on a slide that each week is getting steeper and steeper, and the main reason for that is the relationship aspect. I say this every week but I’m okay with a relationship aspect to a show, but when that aspect becomes THE show, I never enjoy it as much.

Firstly I’ll start with Kara and Mon-El. There was two things that bugged me about them this episode, the first is their relationship itself, the second is Kara herself. I am over their relationship. It started of as a nice relationship which had a really good chemistry and I really enjoyed when it was like that. Now however, it just seems like drama. While I’m happy that they finally put the pin in the will they/won’t they angle they were taking, I’m not looking forward to the conflicts we are going to get now that they are together. While I do like Mon-El as a character, it’s disappointing that his storyline is being contained to the love interest. In all honesty, if this continues, I’d be happy that Mon-El is written out of the show after this season, purely for the fact that I don’t want him to simply be a love interest that causes drama in the show.

Now to Kara. The past couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a problem with how this character has been written, and this week was no different. This week she said that Mon-El had a big ego, and although it may be true, I think the writers need to realise that just because Kara is the main character, doesn’t mean she can’t come off as egotistical and show unlikable qualities. Last week she took on her bosses in a way that I thought was completely inappropriate in a real world situation. This week she jumped on her “I’m Supergirl” high horse and has a go at Mon-El for trying to help. What makes it worse is that they even wrote what I was thinking through Mon-El’s dialog saying that she isn’t a good judge of what she can handle and that she is full of herself. I feel as though the writers are doing a good job at writing characters differently to how we expect them to be, then in the same episode, can point out that something is wrong with that character.

Moving onto Maggie and Alex, this relationship has been the only relationship that I think the whole way through the show has been solid. Unfortunately, I’ve started to come a bit off them in the last few weeks because there is so much drama amongst other relationships that theirs gets tainted. What I really did like about them this week though was that we got to see more into the back story of Maggie. I thought they did a really good job linking in the Valentines day event with her back story. However, I did have a problem with how they went about part of it. At this point, Maggie and Alex have been together for a while, and because of that I thought Maggie’s reaction to Alex planning a Valentines day was uncalled for. Regardless of the deeper meaning, for a couple that has been together for a while and has been a strong as we have seen them be, her reaction came off as teen dramaish. While this is the CW and in the end this is mostly a teen show, I thought that writing in a reaction like that just for the purpose of causing drama between them is unnecessary.

Quickly onto the villain, I thought he was fine, not great, not good, just fine. I think he really only served as a back drop to all the relationship drama and overall, there wasn’t much I’m going to remember about him by this time next week.

Before closing out, I have to touch on Winn. I don’t care for this relationship. We do not need another member of this show to be in a relationship. Unless this character is going to serve a big purpose in the bigger picture of the show, this relationship has no meaning and is completely pointless to me.

Being a Valentines themed episode, there was always going to be a theme of love, but the fact that this show is coming off endless episodes of love drama, I’m over the love aspect of this show. I started off as a 7/10 when I watched this episode but after writing this and rewatching a few moments, I think I have to lower it.




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