Arrow – S05E13 Spectre of the Gun

This episode of Arrow had a pretty different feel to what we are use to getting in Arrow. When Oliver first joined the political side and became Mayor, I was excited to see how he would be as a mayor. Up until this point, we had’ve had too much, but this episode really changed it.

I really enjoyed how this was more of a Mayor Queen episode rather than an Arrow episode. While we did get a bit of Arrow stuff, I really liked seeing Oliver start to warm into his role as mayor. While it isn’t going so smooth sailing, it was great to see him tackling Star City’s problems from a political angle. I really hope we do get more of this in the back end of the season because I like seeing a more mature Oliver handling these situation differently from the typical put an arrow in someone.

Along with the political story line we got some political pushing in the episode. While I don’t always like heavy political pushes in some TV show, I felt out of all the episodes we have got with Arrow, this was the one to do it. It ran a nice parallel between the politics in the episode and what is happening in the real world. As I don’t live in America, I didn’t quite get the full effect of the political push, but it was still a nice parallel to have this episode.

The final thing I really liked about this episode was the back story of Renee. Over this season I’ve started to like Renee more and more as a character and most have that has come as we learn more about him as a character. This was the biggest chunk of information we have gotten about his past and I thought it really put a lot of his characteristic in context and it makes him more understanding as a character. My only nit pick with his flash backs was that he doesn’t seem like he is old enough to have a daughter that age. When it was mentioned in past episodes that he had a daughter, I thought that she would of been quite young, however that wasn’t the case. While it’s not a big thing, it did just take me out of the episode of a second or two.

Overall, a pretty solid episode. While it was on a quieter note to some other episodes, I thought it was great to see a more political Oliver, something we haven’t got a lot of this season.


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