Supergirl – S02E12 Luthors

At the mid season point of this season of Supergirl, this show was on the up and was knocking out of the park, and I think much of that was the storyline they were taking with the Luthors. In a show were they don’t have Superman as the main feature, I thought it was a good match up to see the least known Luthor be the drive behind the show. With that, I was excited to be jumping back into more Luthor stuff in Supergirl. In the past few weeks since returning, the show has barely even touched on this main storyline and I’ve felt like the show has been on a big drop in quality, so I was hopeful that this episode could bring back what we had been getting in the opening half of the season.

What this episode did really well was give a form of origin to Lena. This was done through both flashbacks at the start and from Lillian telling Lena about her past. I thought that these two ways worked hand in hand because we got the flashbacks at the start which showed Lena joining the Luthor family, but then the content in which Lillian talks about give a whole new meaning to what we saw in the flashback. I’m always one for a good origin story and I’ve really liked how they started to set up Lena’s backstory in this episode.

However, most of the positives for this episode end there. As mentioned before, for me this show has been on the slide since its return, and that disappoints me because I really did like the first season and I thought the opening half to this season was on a high. Towards the back end of the first half of this season, we started to see a little more relationship drama start to come to the forefront. While there always has been relationship drama happening, I found that most of the time, apart from the Alex and Maggie storyline, the relationship drama is comes as a second to the main story arc. Since returning from the break, I’ve felt a lot of this drama, not only with relationships but friendships, has been one of the key focuses. I’m not sure if it’s because we haven’t had a strong storyline to be focused on, but I don’t ever want a show like this to have an opening scene of two people who are into each other play the, will they won’t they game, which is what we opened with this episode with Kara and Mon-El. We have seen Arrow go down the emotional path and not work out well. I’m scared that Supergirl is going to follow this trend and the chase for love suddenly becomes the main mission.

Something else I had a problem with this episode was what seemed like the stupidity of Kara. While I’m all for believing in your friends and all that, I think the writers crossed a line with Kara this episode, and then they back it up by moving that line. I knew the Lena was not guilty as soon as Kara put her foot because Kara going against the odds was such a big point of this episode. I have no problem with her going against the odds, but I don’t like when she always wins. In this episode, Kara came of as a little too confident in Lena. While we have seen their relationship grow throughout the season, the fact that she was even going against video evidence (which one a side note was stupid, it would of been better if the “uncorrupt” video was Lena picking up an apple and then the video was edited to look like it was Kyptonite) made Kara come off as a little cocky. She then went up against Snapper and James, who are both her bosses, and then rubbed it in their face when they were wrong. This season there has been a focus on Kara having a career while being Supergirl, which is a great message of young girls who watch this show, but in a real work environment, to go against your bosses like that when all evidence point to you being wrong, is a message that shouldn’t be spread.

Overall, while this episode was a little up from the last couple of weeks, it still has me worried. For me, the writing is the biggest concern of the show while it seems like they still don’t have a clear direction in where they want this second half of the season to go. Is Luthor going to be the big bad or are those people coming for Mon-El going to be our end game?



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