The Flash – S03E11 Untouchable

In this week’s episode of The Flash, we got a mainly character focused episode. I always love when shows take a step back from the main story and spend a bit of time developing the characters, which then add towards the end goal of the main story. While we got another Flashpoint villain, he was more of a secondary storyline is the greater view of the episode.

It’s easy to say that this was Joe and Wally’s episode to own, and they did own it. I’ve always loved the character of Joe but I’ve felt that this season he has been pushed to the side a bit. Not that he isn’t present, but his actual impact in the main story has felt a bit low. Most of the reason why I think that is due to the rest of the team keeping him out of the loop. We all knew it was only going to be so long until Joe knew the truth and we all knew it was going to go down one way, emotional. Having an actor like Jesse L Martin makes this show what it is. I always give Gustin and many of the other cast members a lot of credit for their performances, but this scene with Jesse L Martin takes the cake. The pure emotion portrayed though this scene is felt heavily and it is heart breaking in many ways to see a such a great character like Joe have this amount of sadden during this scene. I think this is will go down as one of my favourite Flash moments of the all time just because of the impact it has on not just the story but you as the audience.

Touching on the lighter side now with Wally, I thought it was great how he was handled this episode. In many ways he was the lead of this episode and it was very reminiscent of Barry at moments during the first season. I’m liking how we are seeing Wally not only enjoying the perks of being Kid Flash but the struggles with it. You can tell he is dedicated to doing the best job he can, but the frustration when he falls short. I thought the moment where he fazed through our villain was great because not only did we get to see him achieve his goal that he had been working so hard at all episode, but because it was a good passing of the torch moment where Barry needed Wally to do what he couldn’t in that moment of time. I know on any other day, Barry could of fazed like Wally did, but it was the fact that he trusted Wally in doing something that Barry struggled to learn last season.

There is only really one other thing I took out of this episode and that was the progress in the relationship between Caitlin and Julian. We all know Caitlin has had no luck with love on this show and chances are she won’t again this season, but I’m liking how they are using her as that way Julian can connect with the rest of Team Flash. While Caitlin still has Cisco, I’ve felt in the recent weeks Cisco and HR have done a lot of work together since Wally has joined Barry out in the field. Because of that, we get this interesting dynamic between Caitlin and Julian where they are both sort of outcasts who can bond through their common fear of their own powers.

Overall, while it wasn’t the biggest episode of The Flash, it was still a very good contained episode that I think will be viewed as having very important character moments as the season kicks on. We now have a week break and then we return with Gorilla Grodd and more Earth 2 after we got a teaser through Jesse Quick at the end of the episode. It’s a bummer that we do after wait that extra week, however I think it is going to be well worth it.



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