Supergirl – S02E11 The Martian Chronicles

After a pretty disappointing return last week, I was interested to see how Supergirl would bounce back. The sign of a good show is that after a down episode, they are able to back it up and pull you back on board. Unfortunately for Supergirl, this wasn’t that episode.

When I first discovered that this was a martian themed episode, my expectations rose high. I love what they have done with the martians so far and I like learning more and more about what happened on Mars. The martian stuff during last weeks episode was the shining light that came through. I however did have a slight problem with how they went about doing this martian storyline. This is now the second time this season that I’ve been watching a Supergirl episode and I can’t stop making story connections to a similar story that one of the other CW superhero shows had just done. First it was the parrelles between Guardian and Vigilante on Arrow, and this week shone parrelles between last week’s episode of The Flash where Gypsy is sent to collect HR and return him back to Earth 19. While the stories aren’t identical, they are just too similar to each other to be played out over consecutive weeks.

While saying that however, I did like the stuff they did to differently to The Flash. I really loved how they made it a who is who mystery and we got to see the tension amongst the DEO officers. For them then to flip it and not only make Winn a white martian (which wasn’t that big of a reveal) but to have Alex be one too was a really smart play.

While still on the topics of the martians, I thought that Megan’s decision to return stunk of cast availability or budget cuts. I understand these are big things that the creators have to consider when making a show, however it gives the writers an opportunity to be creative as to why they have left. This episode did not do that. For Megan and everyone else to fight hard against the white martians, only for her to turn around and say that she is leaving anyway just doesn’t make sense. That would of been like if HR on The Flash went with Gypsy after Cisco risked his life for him. It seems so out of character and was a really poorly written moment.

There was only one other theme that ran through this episode that I think it worth mentioning, and not for good reasons. I don’t want this to become a relationship drama. While I’m okay with having some love stories in shows like this, I don’t want the will they/won’t they relationship drama to hit the front foot. This is what we got in Arrow and because of it, seasons 3 and 4 didn’t turn out so well. The Flash is one of my favourite shows and it is because they are able to have this relationship, will they/won’t they drama present in the show, but turned so mildly down that it only sits in the background rather than it being the “issue of the week”.

Overall, the more I think about this episode, the more down I feel on it. While it had some cool action set pieces and everything else, I’m scared that this show is starting to be dragged into that girly, CW drama genre. With the show getting the return of Lena Luthor next week and The Flash musical crossover is coming up in the near future, I haven’t written off this season yet, but a few more episodes like this weeks, and it’s going to be left sitting next to Arrow season 3 and 4.



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