The Flash – S03E11 Dead or Alive

Last week The Flash came back from it’s mid season break really strong. It did a great job at starting to build off what the first half of the season had done so far. With that I was excited to jump back into the world of Flash and see where they took us.

I loved this episode. I’m not completely sure if most of that was because I was coming off such a poor episode from Supergirl, but this episode did what I needed to do. While I could see that it had a slight villain of the week aspect that I bagged out Supergirl for having, I felt this was different in many ways. Up until tonights episode, our expectations of what Cisco could do as Vibe had been limited from what we saw from Earth 2 Cisco. Tonight we saw someone be more powerful that we had before, and for Cisco and Team Flash to beat her, makes me excited to see where they are going to take Cisco as Vibe.

While sticking to the main storyline, I thought this was a fantastic episode for HR and Julian. This was Julian’s first run around with Team Flash and I thought that he fit quite nicely into the team dynamic. As we saw this episode, what he can bring to the team looks like it will come in handy for the rest of the season and because of that it’s going to be great to have more Julian around. On HR, this is probably the most we have learned about him since they first discovered his uselessness. I really liked the development we got with him and how he explains his need to get away from his Earth and start fresh. For someone I didn’t really get onboard with when he was first introduced, I’m starting to like this dynamic of not having an intelligent Wells, with that role being split between the others including Julian.

I really enjoyed the B storyline with Iris and Wally this episode. First of all, I liked the little sibling team up we got because it was reflective of the team up we had during Flashpoint. Secondly, I really like how we are seeing Iris reacting to hearing her future. I always like stories where people are trying to make the most and do go in their limited amount of time and this is what we are getting with Iris. Whether she does end up dying in the end or not is still to be seen, but I’m liking the approach they are going with her and how she isn’t fearing death.

Something I have to mention is how written this episode was. It was great to see especially coming off last night’s Supergirl episode. I thought the humour was on point and the characters were written perfectly, something that was way off during Supergirl.

Overall, I thought this episode built upon last weeks return and in many ways upstaged it. With the hint at the end that Wally is going to be given a bigger role for the back half has me really excited because I am loving how they are handling Kid Flash. Another week of Flash done and another fantastic episode in my books.



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