Supergirl – S02E10 We Can Be Heroes

I’m not going to lie, I was a little down on last week’s episode and I scrapped it as a one off and was excited to see where they took the rest of this season. After this episode, I’m a little worried. Overall, I thought this episode was a massive step back from what we got last week and an even bigger step back from the opening half of the season.

I think the biggest let down of this episode was the writing. Everything from the story to how the characters were written with dialog was just plain awful. There was so many moments that someone would be saying something and as the audience you can see the illogic in what they are saying, for another character to then express the illogic really makes me wonder why they were ever written in the first place. I found this was mostly around everything with James. To me, what they have done with James as a character is just as bad as Felicity in Arrow. It seems like they are trying to push him forward and give him a reason to be ‘mad’ at everyone else. In this episode they also took it a step further by pulling Winn further into this Guardian issue. The moment that Winn withhold information from the DEO to tell James is one of the most un-Winn things for him to ever do.

There was another storyline that was played out during this episode which I am mixed on is everything with Megan and J’onn. I really liked the relationship they were starting to form in the opening of the season and I think that it really shone through this episode. It was just the way they did it that didn’t sit right with me. While I really liked the dream scene between them, how they got there just felt very unnatural. It was like they forgot that she was locked away and had to make her relevant to the story again.

Now to the main story of this episode, Livewire. As I mention in the opening weeks of the series, the villain of the week format works extremely well in the opening half of the season. For the second half of the season, we shouldn’t be having these villains of the week. We just be jumping into the bulk of the bigger story. Last week we got more to that but this episode did nothing but set it backwards.

Overall, probably the most disappointing and worst episode of Supergirl in either of the 2 seasons, if not, the worst by far of this season. To be honest, I was counting down the minutes til this episode was over, and once it was, I wanted to forget it as quickly as I could.



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