Arrow – S05E10 Who Are You?

Like all the other shows, Arrow is finally back. I thought the first half of the season was such a massive step up to what we have gotten the past couple of years. They really built a solid foundation to set this up as one of the best seasons we have gotten yet.

What I liked about this episode first up was that we got the unveil of Laurel being Black Siren. While it was revealed in the trailers, I still liked how they didn’t dragged it on and got straight into the meat of why she was around. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Prometheus was at the centre of Black Sirens appearance. What I really liked about this part of the episode was that in many ways theres was the official closing to Laurel’s book.While I’m sure we will get more of her in some way, I like how this all built up to Oliver deciding to finally replace the Black Canary. While I’m not sure how I feel about having yet another person to hold the Black Canary mantle, I still like that they have started to look past Laurel. By the looks of it, in the coming weeks we are going to learn more about Tina Boland and who she is as a character and why she might be suited to be a Canary.

I like the direction they are taking Diggle’s storyline. When he was first removed from team Arrow at the end of last season, I was worried that he wouldn’t have enough substance to hold a strong story. I liked how they kicked it off his story as a prisoner on the run and now we are getting some form of legal battle. Usually I wouldn’t be that interested with watching legal stuff play out but if they can turn into what Daredevil has done on Netflix, Diggle’s storyline could become extremely interesting really fast.

Of course I can’t not talk about our first look at Tahlia Al Ghul. I really liked when we had Nyssa around, and for the most part I enjoyed having Ra’s Al Ghul, so it’s nice that we are getting another one. Seeing as her first appearance is during the flash back period, I’m hoping that is where she will remain most of the time. Not that I don’t want to see her in the modern time, I just don’t want the modern time to feel crowded. Having in the past also adds another layer into that story. The past couple of years, the flash back storylines have felt very thin since losing Slade Wilson. Hopefully Tahlia can add some more substance to the flash backs and we can get more than just the Russia mafias.

Overall, a really great episode to come back on. Like the other CW superhero shows, it jumped right back into what we needed and had a seamless transition. What I did notice, unlike the other shows, Arrow did not have a time jump at all, which to me means they will be about 5 weeks behind the other shows timelines. With the Flash making an appearance next week, I’m hoping they can clear up where these events are happening in terms of the events on the other shows.



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