Supergirl – S02E09 Supergirl Lives

Supergirl is back! After an outstanding first half of the season, I was excited to see what the second half had install and it all started with this episode. I’ve loved the first two Kevin Smith episodes he did on the Flash so I was excited to see what he could do with Supergirl. While the director on a TV does not have much of an overall impact on the quality of the show, after two great outings, it’s hard not to think he is doing something right.

Overall I really liked this episode. I didn’t think this was in anyway the greatest episode of Supergirl but it was good start to the second half of the season. Barring the main story line, we got to the end of this episode and we can see where this second half of the season is heading. While I’m still not sure what those two figures are looking for Mon-El, its exciting to see that he will be playing a big part in the back end of the season.

While on the topic of Mon-El, I’m looking forward to see what they are going to do with him now that he is heading down the superhero route. I’m imagining he is going to be some sort of Superboy with the red suit, however we won’t really know until the coming weeks.

One of the big things coming out for the first half of the season was the relationship of Alex and Maggie. I really liked how they showed how far they have progressed as a couple since our mid-season finale. I did get a couple of warning signs though that they were hinting that there was problems starting to form in the relationship. While I’m all for keeping it interesting, I don’t see the purpose of dragging out their getting together for half a season then a few episodes later having their relationship on the rocks. A similar thing happened with Kara and Jimmy and I don’t want to see a similar thing happen again.

I did have a couple of negatives though about the episode. I thought while the overall premise of this episode was good, it could have easily been a bit bigger that what we got. While I thought the Dominators tie in was cool, there wasn’t much else I was taking away from the story. Whenever shows like this and Flash go to a different planet or Earth, I want it to be more in line with what we got when the Flash went to Earth 2. In this episode it felt like they were only on the planet for 15 minutes and they were able to accomplish everything they needed in this short amount of time. From a story point of view I would of liked this to be a two parter story which we got later in the season.

Another downside I had with this episode was some of the general writing, especially dialog. I thought some of the lines sounded out of place and cheese and some of the things that happened seemed a bit to easy. I think part of it does come back to having to fit a story line like this into a 40 minute episode as well as try and set up the second half of the season.

Overall, I liked the episode but had a few negatives about it. I’m excited to see how they build off what we got this episode and turn this into an entertaining second half of the season.



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