Star Wars Rebels – S03E10 Visions and Voices

After a fair few episode on the down, it was only a matter of time until they stepped it back up. This was that episode. This episode got us back to the core that had us hooked at the start of the season with Maul. It seems like so long ago that Maul and Ezra first connected holocrons and we were left without answers.

What I loved about this episode was the connection to the Clone Wars. I loved the Clone Wars series and it’s great whenever we see references during Rebels. I really loved the Night Sisters story during Clone Wars so to jump back into it with Maul was fantastic.

We finally got our answer to what Ezra was looking for in the holocron. We already knew that Maul was looking for Obi Wan but we didn’t know that Ezra was looking for the same thing. The hope for this is that we are going to be diving into the Obi Wan story line, which makes me extremely excited. Right now there is so much surrounding Obi Wan and his time on Tatooine. Many people including me believe he has a connection to Rey in some way. I also think that on Tatooine we are going to dive deeper into Sabine as a character. We were promised we were going to get more of her back story this season and at this point in time we have only gotten 1 episode on that, not including a bit this episode.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode. I really liked seeing the relationship between Maul and Ezra being played out and I loved how we jumped back into the Clone Wars series. My hope that by the end of this season, watchers of the show are going to have a big piece of information that changes a way we view certain characters post-Rebels.



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