The Flash – S03E09 The Present

It’s this time of year again! And I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s mid-season finale time. After the big crossover last week, I was excited to jump into the big mid-season finales, starting with Flash.

This episode of The Flash was fantastic as just a normal episode, but more importantly, it was an amazing mid-season finale. I loved the opening to this episode and how we got a back story to Julian discovering the Philosopher Stone. For the most part, we haven’t been told much of Julian’s back story apart from his move to America, so it was great to get the story of how he was connected to Alchemy. It was also great to get the personal side of that story with Julian talking through his blackouts and the voices in his head. While on Alchemy, I like how they did the comic origin for him where Alchemy is not actually Julian mentally even though he is physically.

We got the return of two great actors this episode and that was John Wesley Shipp as Jay and Mark Hamill back as the Trickster. While Hamill had a small role in the context of the episode, it was still fantastic seeing him as a Joker like Trickster. Like I said, it was a minor role but it was great fan service. Someone who didn’t have a minor role was John Wesley Shipp as Jay. Now his 3rd appearance as Earth 3’s Flash, I loved getting that father/son relation with him and Barry, which of course is ironic because he is also Barry’s dad on the show. I thought he was great in this episode and it’s always great seeing a veteran speedster team up with a younger one. Which takes me to my next point.

Wally West is finally going to be Kid Flash. They have been teasing it for a long time now but now we officially have Earth 1, post Flashpoint, yellow suited Wally West. This really makes me excited for the second half of the season because we are going to get Barry and Wally team up, which is the experienced speedster taking the new speedster under his wing. We got a bit of this with Barry and Jessie, and that was great so it’s exciting to getting another speedster combo. A large part of why we are getting this combo forming is because of HR Wells. Slowly I’m starting to get onboard with HR and I think a large part is his team up with Wally. There is just something about a Wells training a speedster that works so well and really makes you get drawn to Cavanagh’s characters.

The thing that stood out to me the most this episode was how it set up the second half of the season. As I mentioned we are going to get more Wally, but what I’m excited about is seeing the return of Savitar. For me, there was no way they were going to end Savitar just like that and he was always going to return but for them to all but confirm with Barry going to the future, I thought was amazing. What this scene does is up the excitement for Savitar’s return in the second half of the season. Savitar is perhaps the scariest villain we have gotten across any of the CW Superhero shows.

Overall, fantastic mid-season finale. This episode did what I want in a mid-season finale with them in a way tying a bow onto some of the story lines we have gotten in the first half of the season while making me excited for the second half of the season. Like previous seasons, we are going into the back half with a big question of identity, this time around who Savitar actually is.



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