Star Wars Rebels – S03E09 An Inside Man

After a few weeks on the down, Rebels really need to up it’s game. The start to this season was all but amazing and the lack of quality the past few weeks have been felt. I came into this episode with hope at the idea that this was going to be an Ezra/Kanan focused episode. I really like when we get to see these two in action together because I’ve really liked their chemistry as Master and Apprentice.

This episode captured what I like most about Rebels and that this show is the fight against the Empire. I really love when they go on undercover missions because it is so reminisent of Episode 4 and their undercover mission to save Leia.

The biggest thing to take out of this episode was that Kallus is Fulcrum.While this wasn’t the biggest surprise of a reveal, what it does do is set up an interesting story arc for Kallus. Because he is so embedded into the Empire and so close to Thrawn, it changes how we now view Thrawn’s scenes when Kallus is around. It appears that Thrawn knows of Kallus’s secret so it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out in the second half of the season.

Overall, a great episode that did a great job of getting this season back on track. Next week we are getting Maul, which is one of my favourite characters in Rebels, so I’m excited to be jumping make into that story line.



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