Legends of Tomorrow – S02E07 Invasion!

Usually I don’t do reviews for Legends because this is a show I watch completely for the enjoyment factor. Yeah it’s a little whacky and at times illogical but out of all the DC CW shows, I don’t have as much fun with a show then I do with Legends.

This of course was the ending to the big CW crossover and like the previous episodes in this crossover, this was as much of a Legends episode as it was a crossover. I think of the four however this was the least specific episode of the crossover because Legends doesn’t have many B or C story lines like Flash and Arrow do.

This episode was the finale we needed. Heroes vs Aliens. I think I nearly enjoyed this as much when I first saw the Avengers. I think the biggest reason to this was because it is a team of up characters I spend nearly four hours per week with in compared to a two hour movie per character like the Avengers. I thought the team up was amazing. They worked fantastically as team and their chemistry clicked so well together.

Like I mentioned, Legends doesn’t really have big B or C storylines. The only storyline we got in this episode was that where Stein discovers he has a daughter. I thought this was an extremely heartfelt storyline that I’m sure is going to play out future in this season of Legends. The other storyline we got that carried over from the other shows which has been a big tread through the episode was Cisco and his anger at Barry. I really liked how it was resolved this episode. I liked how to resolve it they placed Cisco in Barry’s shoes to make him realise the burden Barry was faced with. It was a really nice way to close that chapter off and in a way, form a bit of respect from Cisco to Barry towards what he is going through facing his past mistakes.

Overall, what this episode and this crossover did the most for me was give me a need for a four night crossover every season. I’m not sure where this individual episode ranks as far as Legends episode because it was so influenced by the crossover, but this episode did everything we needed in a finale for this crossover.



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