Arrow – S05E08 Invasion!

The crossover continues! While also serving as part 2 in the big Dominators crossover, this was Arrow’s 100th episode. I’ve always loved Arrow and even though there has been a few tough times over the past couple of seasons, I’m just happy that they have managed to steer the Arrow ship back on course and bring us the 100th episode this show deserved.

This episode was amazing. Coming off the back of last night’s Flash episode, I was excited to see what part 2 would bring us. Similar to Flash, this episode was as much as it’s own individual Arrow episode while still serving its purpose in the bigger picture on the crossover. What this episode did do differently however was that for the most part, this episode could of happened on any regular Arrow week as very minimal crossing over really happened. Apart from a brief mission with Flash and Supergirl teaming up with new Team Arrow, Cisco helping Felicity and Curtis run the tech side, and the Waverider with Steel saving them at the end, this episode could have easily been a stand alone. I know it sounds like I listed a lot of influence from the other 3 shows but in the context of the episode, the appearance of the Waverider at the end was really the only be influence.

In so many ways this episode reminded me of The Runaway Dinosaur at the back end of season 2 of the Flash. It’s the same concept that our characters are stuck in a fabricated reality while the team outside are trying to get them out. I thought that fabricating a reality was a really smart way for the writers to pay respect to the previous 99 episodes of Arrow that have past and use this episode to bring back some old faces, even if a few of them looked like a dodgey CGI character. I loved seeing Deathstroke fighting Oliver, Malcolm Merlyin back in action, and the return of Robert and Moira Queen. For me, this episode brought the same emotional pull which The Runaway Dinosaur did and we got to see characters we have grown with over a 4 and a bit year period have to face their biggest emotional hurdle yet.

Onto the crossover aspect of the episode, it was fairly minor compared to what we got on the Flash. Apart from the ex-Arrow Sara and Ray from Legends, Kara from Supergirl and Barry and Cisco from Flash, we didn’t get any of an interaction from the other members from the other shows. In a way I expected it as this was the Arrow portion of the episode, but considering all the characters were already gathered in one place from the Flash crossover, I would of thought that they would of brought in Caitlin or Stein for the tech science stuff or use Firestorm and Heatwave for the physically stuff. I think because of their lack of presence, the crossover side of this episode fell short a little because it failed to back up from the grand scale of characters we got last episode.

Looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow tomorrow night, I think we are in for a big finale. If we follow trend from the past couple of nights, I’m guessing that the Legends crew will be at the forefront of the episode and we might leave behind some of the other characters like the Flash and Arrow support teams. Either way I’m excited for what they bring us tomorrow night and how they are going to end one of the biggest crossovers we have seen in TV.

Similar to The Runaway Dinosaur, I loved everything that happened in the fabricated reality. However, again like The Runaway Dinosaur, it was the stuff outside of the reality that feel short for me, however despite that, this was still a fantastic episode and I have no hesitation from putting near the top end of my favourite Arrow episodes.



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