The Flash – S03E08 Invasion!

I’m going to start by saying, this episode was amazing. While we have had previous crossover episodes in the past between the Flash and Arrow and then Flash and Supergirl, there is just something about this crossover that put this way above the others. I large part of that I think is the range of cast. I am a big fan of all four shows so to see the main cast members from each of them be all together in one big crossover is amazing.

Before jumping into the actually crossover, I want to touch on the Flash side of this episode. I am imagine that it is going to be very similar for Arrow and Legends but even though this episode was essentially just part of a bigger picture, it was the B and C storylines that were owned by the Flash.

The big Flash influence is of course the ramifications of Flashpoint. While we have been dealing with them throughout this season, I still felt that we got a new side of the results of Flashpoint. This ties into the message which Jax and Stein found on the Waverider in Legends, where Barry reveals to them that he changed the timeline and because of that the future will be dramatically effects. What I liked about the topic of Flashpoint coming up is not that the other characters cared so much that part of their lives were changed, but more that they felt that Barry had betrayed them in a way. From the Legends point of view, they spend their lives correcting changes people do in the past, and what Barry did goes completely against what they stand for. I now like that it is out in the open though and that Barry no long has to hidden from what his done.

The other Flash storyline we got this episode was Wally. I mentioned last week that I liked how they had Wally have his powers in time for the crossover because he gets to be in the company of other heroes which he inspires to be. I thought on a whole Wally was used well. From Wally’s point of view he wants to help but we still got that push back from Joe and Iris wanting Wally to stay out of action. Not going to lie but it was great to see Wally take out a few people and call himself Kid Flash. Adding on to this, we finally got a form of role that HR Wells can do to no longer make him pointless. I’m not sure how it is going to turn out but for the mean time, having a Wally and Wells teams could be fun.

Now into the actually crossover. I got to start by saying, this wouldn’t be a team up without the Hall of Justice. While I’m not quite sure where this is physically located on Earth or why we haven’t seen it previously, but at this point I really hope that we get to see a lot more of the Hall of Justice in the future.

On the Dominators themselves, they look amazing. I have only seen bits a pieces of them in comic book form, but from what I know they look pretty spot on, red rot and all. I’m excited to see how they will work in the next few episodes, because even though they looked really cool, they didn’t do a hell of a lot.

I mentioned in this week’s Supergirl episode that her episode wasn’t really connected to the overall crossover and because of that, this episode really felt like part 1, with Arrow’s episode going being part 2 and Legends will be part 3. With that, this episode was the introduction we needed which set up the events of Arrow’s episode which will be resolved during Legends.

I really loved the fight they had towards the back end of the episode when most of the team was under brain control. For someone who watches all four shows and is so invested into these characters, this fight is the TV scale of the Civil War airport fight. It was great seeing Barry and Oliver against the rest of the team because they are the most senior characters of the team and they are two of the best fighters. I really liked how they comboed the team up with team Arrow fighting Oliver and the rest fighting Barry, and then later Barry and Kara fighting against each other as the two powerhouses of the team.

I think my favourite thing this episode though way Oliver. Oliver is the senior of the team and it was great to see him play the leader role without officially being in charge. I thought his dialog this episode was fantastic and on a whole, I think this episode was a big step in reviving Arrow as a show. I’ve been a big fan of this season after a few down episodes and when there is writing like what we got this episode with a character we have been on a 4 year journey with in Oliver, it makes me appreciated the show so much more and makes me even more excited to have a great Arrow season again.

Overall, fantastic part 1 to what we now know is a 3 night crossover. I’m excited to see where it is going to go over the next 2 nights and after the display of Oliver his episode, I’m extremely excited to go back and see some early season Arrow characters interacting with Oliver next episode.



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