Supergirl – S02E08 Medusa

I’m not going to lie, I was let down by this episode. The main reason because was this was meant to be night 1 of 4 of the Superhero crossover and, well it wasn’t. It was just a regular Supergirl episode that had a hint that Earth 1 needs help, similar to what we got in the last 30 seconds of Legends of Tomorrow in their previous episode. I knew that because Supergirl isn’t on the same Earth as the other shows that it was going to be a bit harder linking them together but I figured we were going to get something similar to what we got during season 1 with the Flash crossover where Barry appears at the start of the episode and we get an episode of the two on screen.

Stepping away from the crossover aspect though and focusing it more as a regular episode which is was, this was a terrific episode. There’s no doubt about that. I think before the crossover was planned, this episode was written as a big episode because it certainly had qualities of a mid season finale or an episode that takes place right before the dramatic ending.

After getting to the end of this episode, I think it is clear with what this episode will be remembered for, and that is the original Hank Henshaw, now Cyborg Superman, fight against his imposter, our Martain Manhunter. By far, I this is one of my favourite action sets that Supergirl have ever produced, and I think a large part of that was because of the personnel fighting in it. I also loved seeing what I am now calling Mix Martain Manhunter. Seeing the White Martian figure and appearance but with that green skin looked fantastic and incredibly scary that he could have easily turned up as the big bad of alien villains.

Despite what was a fantastic set piece of a fight in the third act, what did stand out to me the most was that we are starting to see many story arcs that have been set up the past few weeks start to move out of the introductory phase. In this episode we finally got to see both Alex and Maggie accept each other and in many ways bite the bullet in taking a leap into a proper relationship. I’ve said in past reviews that I’ve really enjoyed the story arc because of how much I’ve enjoyed Alex as a character, so I’m excited to see how this will effect her and hopefully they don’t add to much drama to it.

As mentioned before, in this episode Martain Manhunter is seen as a mix between a Green and White Martain, where he has yet to completely transform from one to the other. While he is cured by the end of the episode, it’s something that happens in the final fight that stood out to me and that was him transforming and accepting his new martian form. After seeing his reaction to the news that he was turning into a White Martain, I figured that he would struggle to accept Miss Martain’s apology. Instead in this episode we saw him accept his fate, something that I think from a mental point of view of the character, will create a new perspective of Miss Martain. For me it is too early to know if we are going to ship these two together or they are going to play that uncle/niece role, but either way, I saw this episode as a big step in their relationship.

Talking about shipping characters together, Kara and Mon-El. Out of all the newer relationships, this is the one I am honestly less interested in and I think that is partly because they built up Kara and Jimmy so much through season 1 that when it was canned, it left us with an empty feeling. However, I do like the angle they are taking with Kara and Mon-El and how they are about to connect over their similarities to each other. I’m interested to see whether their kiss will be brought to the surface later in the season. I interpreted the scene when Mon-El has recovered that he remembers what happened between them and he was testing to see if Kara would admit it or not. While on the topic of Mon-El, I’m not quite sure who those other aliens were who are hunting him down, but for me it appears that Cadmus might not be the biggest bad this season and Mon-El might be hiding a secret or two about his past life on Daxin.

Overall, this was a great Supergirl episode that suffered from the burden of having to be linked to the crossover, which evidently effected it in the long run. If they had taken a week out where Supergirl travels to Earth 1 and this was the episode we got next week, this may as well have been a home run, but because it wasn’t, it falls short of what we were promised.



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