Star Wars Rebels – S03E08 The Wynkahthu Job

Strike 2! In consecutive weeks, Rebels has produced an episode that is just meh. While it was still fun to watch for the most part, as far as overall story, it is leaving me sitting here waiting for Maul and Thrawn. If this was a season 1 episode, then I could easily look past it. But it’s not, we are starting to get to the mid point in season 3.

One positive I will outline from this episode that I did really enjoy was the return of Hondo. Hondo is one of those great characters that I loved in Clone Wars and he carried over into Rebels and every time he had appeared he has been great. I really like the relationship they have built between Ezra and Hondo where Ezra still trusts Hondo even though he is the shadiest person around. I think it says a lot about Ezra and how he is willing to take to risk to get the reward. I think that is lining up with his learning where he wants to take the short cut to becoming powerful and therefor dabbled into the ways of the Sith.

However, apart from what we got with Ezra as a character, there wasn’t much else that stood out. I think if you were to watch this episode out of context as a stand alone, it is a fun enjoyable episode, but it the context of the season, this is a throw away episode that we didn’t need.

Hopefully next week they can step it up with a Kanan and Ezra focused episode. I really like the relationship these two have as Master and Apprentice so it’s great having them as the focus. Following that, we are getting more added to the Maul storyline with what appears to be a two episode arc. With these episodes I hope that the show will course correct and get back to what we want out of Rebels.



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