The Flash – S03E07 Killer Frost

For me personally, this was an episode of the Flash I had been looking forward to for a while and there were two reasons for that. Firstly, I’m a big Kevin Smith fan and his episode last season was one of my favourite Flash episode we have had in the series. The second reason was the title, Killer Frost. I really loved what they did with Earth 2 Killer Frost so when it was announced that this episode would be Killer Frost based, it had me really excited.

I really liked how this episode picked straight back up from last weeks episode. Rarely do we ever see this happen, so when it does, it give the episodes a mini movie feel between the two episodes. I liked how we jumped straight into the actions with Savitar. While I can see how the speedster villains is starting to become a bit of a rehash, what we are getting with Savitar feels so much different compared to the Reverse Flash and Zoom that it is keeping it interesting.

I really liked what they did with Killer Frost this episode. I like how we are still seeing that balance between good and evil and we are getting so see the early stages of what Earth 2 Killer Frost would have gone through. What really sparked interest for me was the story arc and motivations they had her play out this episode. I liked that even when Killer Frost was the one in control, Caitlin’s motivations for stopping these powers from manifesting was shining through. We then saw Caitlin’s personality and characteristics come out when Barry temps Killer Frost into killing him. I’m sure this Killer Frost arc is no where from being over but this was a great step in kicking it off.

Something that made me love the first few episodes back from Flashpoint was seeing how the dynamic had changed between the team. With that though, it bugged me a bit that they all seemed to patch it all up so quickly. So when the issues were brought back to the table this episode with Killer Frost revealing to the others that many recent events had happened due to Barry, we got to see another dynamic split, especially between Barry and Cisco. There’s not doubt that the friendship between Barry and Cisco is something so different to what we have on any of the other CW superhero shows. They are like the immature bromance version of Oliver and Diggle, just a lot smarter. To see these two having to deal with such an emotion hurdle really makes it great to watch and I think a large part of that is to Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes. Over the series we have seen Gustin grow as an actor and his emotion scenes become heart wrenching, but rare do I think that people notice Valdes. This season especially, they have given Cisco more of an emotional side and I think that Valdes is nailing ever scene he is in.

This episode we officially got our first look at Earth 1, post Flashpoint, speedster Wally West. While he wasn’t a main focus of the episode and more to his arc of being a speedster will come over the next few episodes, I didn’t think that his rebirth as a speedster was misplaced within this episode or the overall season. Next week we have the big cross over so I wouldn’t have expected them to keep him out of action for 2 weeks straight. What it does now that Wally is a speedster in time for the cross over, is it gives the writers a chance to use the opportunity to show us what Wally is inspiring to be. Wally wants to be a hero and theres no better way to ignite the motivation of a brand new speedster than have him in the company of heroes from all different places around the world, and Earths, and time.

We got an end of an era this episode with Barry cutting a deal with Julian meaning he had to leave his CSI work behind. I thought it was a really nice scene when Barry is packing up his stuff and talking to Iris and Joe about the importance everyone else is to him and how the job is nothing compared to that. I also really liked that little nod to the pilot episode when we saw Barry looking through the skylight at the storm forming about the building. What this change of events did for me was ask what is next for Barry, but then I thought of something HR Wells brought up last week. Opening a Star Labs museum. This of course steams from the comic version of the Flash museum where people of the public come and visit while the Flash operates from under. If a Star Labs museum were to open then they would be able to provide a job title for Barry where he can be at “work” but really fulfilling his duty as the Flash. And will get paid for it.

Now onto the big reveal of the episode of Julian being Alchemy. While I’m still not sure if it was a bit of a tease and they are going to flip it on us later or it is the Harrison Well as Reverse Flash reveal, but either way, if Alchemy is Julian, then like many people I’m not surprised. This is one of those things where the more I think of it the more it makes sense, especially from a casting point of view. Tom Felton is perhaps the most well known actor to be on Flash so it would make sense to me that he is only around for a season. No doubt this casting brought in some Harry Potter fans who perhaps weren’t previously onboard but now are. I’m interested to see how he will be handled for the rest of the season and whether we will be getting some form of cat and mouse game with team Flash and him, or his identity will be exposed.

Overall, I loved this episode. While I don’t think it quite tops the list of best episodes this season, but if this episode was in the previous two seasons, then maybe this episode would have been up there. There wasn’t anything major that bugged me about this episode, a few minor moments with HR Wells had me wanting to hit the fast forward button but it was nothing major. What this episode did well was advance so many story lines with Killer Frost, Wally, Alchemy and Savitar all starting to hit their strides.



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