Supergirl – S02E07 The Darkest Place

After a slower episode of Supergirl last week, I was excited to jump back into the swing of things with a Cyborg Superman episode. Overall I really liked this episode. This is one of those episodes that happens every now and than and reminds you why you watch a show.

The main focus of this episode was around Supergirl in being caught in Cadmas. It’s been a few weeks since we have felt a proper presence from Cadmas so it was nice to be adding more to what I am guessing will be the major story arc for this season. I’m going to jump straight to the end of the episode here and talk about Cyborg Superman going to to Fortress of Solitude with Supergirl’s blood. Since they were introduced, we never really knew what the motivations behind Cadmus was. In this final scene we got a hint. Medusa is an Egyptian god which has made several appeances across many different films and TV shows as well as being a big villain in the DC universe. What we have seen with these DC shows is that they are prepared to go and tackle to big characters so I’m interested to see how far into Medusa they are going to take this story arc. I’m sure we will find out more in the coming weeks, but to have a name drop this well known, is something to be excited about.

While at Cadmas, we got to see the return of two characters from the past, Jeremiah and Hank Henshaw. Jeremiah was of course Alex’s father and Kara’s adopted father who went missing when they were younger. After being revealed that he was still alive at the end of season 1, we hadn’t even touched on him prior to this episode and I had honestly forgotten all about him. With his reappearance, I hope that this sparks his story back to life and we get to see it play out more over the course of the season.

The second return was Hank Henshaw, who is the human identity that Martian Manhunter took over after we believed Henshaw had died. In this episode we see him return and working with Cadmus with one small difference, Henshaw is now Cyborg Superman, a title he had in the comics. Going into this episode, I thought that Cyborg Superman was going to be our one off villain, similar to Bizzaro last season, however it appears that he may be hanging around for a while. I touched on earlier that he was the one to visit the Fortress with Supergirl’s blood and learn about Medusa, so I don’t see a character to do something so important for the series to simply be done with so quickly. Just to touch on David Harewood, he is the Tom Cavanagh of this show. There is something about him that is so compelling to watch that in my books, the more roles we give him, the better.

At the moment I have a real love/hate relationship with the Guardian story line. For the most part, I really liked the origin of James becoming the Guardian and liked everything that came with it, but this episode left me a little unsure, and I don’t think it had anything to do with what happened itself. Last week’s episode of Arrow was written around taking down a vigilante who is killing people however wants to work with our hero, only to be told that their ways was not right, which in term sparks conflict between them and our hero. Sound familiar right? While it was a compelling story line for the episode itself, the fact that it was basically rehashed from what Arrow did last week really took away from what they were trying to accomplish.

A story arc I’ve really enjoyed this season is the relationship between Miss Martain and Martian Manhunter. I really liked how they were following what I thought was a successful story line in Young Justice where it revealed that Miss Martian is indeed a White Martian. In Young Justice, Martain Manhunter was very accepting for Miss Martain, however I knew that this Martain Manhunter was not going to react the same way. Based off the emotion we have seen from Martain Manhunter when he talks about what White Martians did to his family, the response we got when he discovered Miss Martian’s true identity was what you would espect. My guess is that over the next few weeks and after the break we will see him come around and take sides with Miss Martain, but for the meantime, seeing this emotional reaction from a character that I’ve grown to love over the season and a bit he has been present, is in a way heart wrenching and satisfying. I have only recently watch Young Justice and because of that I am a big fan of what Miss Martain can do, but even so, at this point I was rooting for Martain Manhunter.

I rarely really notice much of the craftsmanship in shows like this because it is often the content on the screen that is so much more interesting, however I notice a camera effect that I thought was used outstandingly in the scenes that took place in Cadmas. While in Cadmas, all the shots had a blur to them and the only thing that was completely in focus was the expression of the character that was speaking. I noticed it a few times and it really made the scene feel a lot more lonely, which reflected what was going on in those scenes.

Overall, I loved this episode. It did a great job setting up more on the plot line we have ahead while dealing with issues we have going on in the present moment.



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