Star Wars Rebels – S03E07 Iron Squadron

For me, this season of Rebels has been outstanding. What has made it such a good season that after 6 episodes, we hadn’t received a filler. This episode ended that. I’m sure there is going to be elements of this episode that will play into future episodes this season, but on the episode alone, I didn’t take much out that I felt was needed content.

Starting with the good, this was still a fun episode. We got introduced to a new group of bandits that I will now assume will become Rebels.The new group were really interesting to me. They had a sense of recklessness and naivety to them that makes them feel vulnerable as a unit. My hope is that with this new group, we get to see them grow and develop into Rebels that work along side the Rebels we know now.

Anytime we get a space battle, animated or live action, it’s always great to watch. I thought this was some one the best space battles I have seen from Star Wars in recent times. I thought the new crew using cargo as fire power really excited me and shows that even in space battles, there are different attack styles that we are starting to learn about. I would really like to see this action play back into a future space battle where there a several different fighting styles all coming into play.

Apart from some few fun moments though, there wasn’t much special about this episode. We did get a bit of a tip on for future episodes with some interaction between Thrawn and Sato which I’m looking forward to diving into. But for the most part, this was a filler episode that really only showed us that there’s more to the story of the Rebels than just Maul and Thrawn.



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